Tarbooz ka Sharbat Recipe

Watermelon Juice Recipe in Urdu

tarbooz sharbat
Blend 3 spoon Rooh Afza, 2 spoon sugar, a pinch of salt, one glass water and ice cubes together.

watermelon sharbat recipe step by step
Transfer the blended drink into a glass. Cut small pieces of watermelon and add to the drink. Serve chilled.

Preparing Tarbooz Juice Recipe


  • Rooh Afza: 2 to 3 spoons for 2 glasses
  • Watermelon: A few cubes
  • Black Salt: A pinch
  • Ice: 8 to 10 cubes
  • Sugar: 2 spoons



  1. Blend one glass water, 3 spoons rooh afza drink, 2 spoons sugar, little black salt and ice cubes together.
  2. Move into a glass.
  3. Cut small pieces of watermelon and add to the drink.
  4. Serve cold.


Watermelon juice (tarbooz ka sharbat) is a highly recommended drink to take in summers. KFoods.com is telling today how to make tarbooz ka sharbat recipe (watermelon juice recipe) with step by step picture instructions. With this easy step by step recipe, you can prepare watermelon juice within minutes.

Watermelon is known for it's anti-inflammatory effects, helpful to reduce body heat, to maintain body hydration and also helpful to us in many other ways. Drinking its juice is also a recommended tip especially in the summertime. Let's make a tasty refreshing watermelon drink and neutralize the heat excess in burning summer days.

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Make Tarbooz Ka Sharbat Recipe

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Tarbooz Ka Sharbat is fundamental for the Iftar in light of the fact that it is healthy solid after the wole day of the fast and has the good vitamins which give energy

  • sadaf ausaf, Islamabad

delighted i found it! Tarboz ka sharbat is veryy refreshing and just awesome to have in ramzan.

  • Sehar, Karachi

Good to get Tarbooz ka Sharbat recipe at kfoods.com, I am looking for more drink recipes, today I am in a cooking mood. So I am trying that I could make at least 5 to 6 recipes today.

  • Urooj, Karachi

Tarbooz ka Sharbat Recipe It was so nice and refreshing drink as Tarbooz ka sharbat works great and the most amazing food is really god for health It is really so great and good taste it seem so simple and everyone easy to make it.

  • Maryam, Islamabad

Tarbooz ka Sharbat is quite famous in Karachi but I made it at my home in Lahore. It was so nice and refreshing. As Tarbooz ka sharbat works great for asthma patients and also hydrates our skin. It also works as a nice cure for blood pressure. I really like it.

  • marium, lahore

Tarbooz ka sharbat recipe is my absolute favorite during the hot summer season because it just cools my body down without any delay and I suggest this to everyone as tarbooz ka sharbat contains many health benefits.

  • najia, lahore

Who doesn’t love tarbooz ka sharbat? I love it as I don’t have to effortly chew down the watermelon pieces or take the seeds out before eating it as it is already separated. Tarbooz ka sharbat recipe is very easy and I love how it cools your body down in seconds.

  • Shahzana, lahore

Watermelon is my top most favorite fruits and I always wait for summers to come so I can chow on my favorite fruit. Tarbooz ka sharbat is an exciting new drink that I tried after viewing Tarbooz ka sharbat recipe and I’m lovin’ it ever since!

  • kinza sheikh, karachi

Tarbooz ka sharbat is an extremely important drink during the hot days of summer. Watermelon helps the body to lose heat and maintains hydration but most of all; this recipe is very easy to follow and yummy to try out. The kids love it and so do I.

  • Salma, Attock

This site mentioned me every recipe step by step which I easily understand that to make at home easily and now I will make this juice of watermelon who has also the easiest recipe to make it.

  • hadika zahid, Muzaffarabad

tarbooz ka sharbat to ma dhoondta hon garmio ma waqai yrr bara sookon melata ha thand pay jati ha ab ghar ma bologa ghar walo sy ky is recipe ky mutabiq banao..

  • sami memon, hyderabad

I was looking a thorough watermelon sharbat recipe and when I found this recipe from the internet, I needed not to look for any other recipes. I am glad to see your hard work and presenting recipes in an easy manner.

  • Memoona, Karachi

Thanks ALLAH SWT for providing us with delicious watermelon fruit. It is healthy and tasteful in eating and its juice is also superb. Whenever hot weather comes, I make it almost everyday.

  • Sumbal, Lahore

Tarbooz ka Sharbat Recipe

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