How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Home and Kitchen

1. Pandan Leaves

Pandan leaves are used in cooking especially in Asia. You can use them to repel cockroaches as well. It emits a sweet, similar to vanilla scent. Using pandan leaves is one of the simplest ways to keep cockroaches away from your place.

How to Use:

Cut a leaf vertically from the middle and tie both of its sides making a knot. Place the leaves at affected areas where roaches frequent the most. Replace the leaves when dried.

2. Fabric Softener

To keep cockroaches at the bay, you need to know their weaknesses. One of the them is that they cannot bear sharp fragrance. Roaches take breath using their skin and so doing a fragrant spray on their body suffocates and kills them.

We can use a fabric softener here.

How to Use:

Pour fabric softener in its cap and mix with half cup of water. Fill this solution into a spray bottle and now you just have to spray to keep cockroaches away.

3. Cucumber Skins

Cucumber Peels is another effective and easy to do method to avoid cockroaches. Cucumbers are the part of everyday house grocery and therefore getting its peels should not be a problem for anyone.

How to Use:

Place cucumber peels in an aluminum can as it's stink is intolerable for cockroaches, they do not come close to it. Place the can where needed. Keep putting fresh peels when required.

4. Bottle Trap

This is an old trick to get rid of cockroaches. This can give you a permanent solution from flocks of roaches inside your home.

How to Use:

  • Cut the top part of an empty plastic bottle (where the curve starts).
  • Insert it into the bottle upside down
  • Make solution of water and soap and fill in the bottle.
  • Place it in kitchen or where you need. Cockroaches would come and get trapped

5. Baking Soda with Sugar

Baking soda is another household item that you can use to get rid of annoying cockroaches. Usually, a chemical 'Borax' is used for the purpose however baking soda is safer and should be preferred.

How to Use:

  • Mix baking soda and sugar in equal amount.
  • Put this mixture where cockroaches wander the most.
  • Sugar lures them and baking soda creates the chemical reaction to kill roaches.

Wandering cockroaches is the problem of every home. Every other house woman is searching for ways to get rid of roaches in kitchen, in bathroom, in home, here and there. Many buy costly cockroach sprays and other products but they also seem not to work.


No Worries. At all!

Here I am telling you 5 easy ways to remove cockroaches off your home. Whether small or large, these killer recipes would help you repel them easily with simple known household items.

Let's explore how to get rid of big and small cockroaches in home.

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