7 Interesting Household Tips and Tricks

Looking for betterment in home is always a good idea. You may be tired of bugs in your garden, annoyed of mosquitoes in your room or worry of non-ending cockroaches in your kitchen. KFoods.com is telling 7 interesting household tips and tricks that offer comprehensive solutions to small household problems. Let's find these cool household tips and solve your general everyday problems. Here are your useful tips of the day!

TIP NO. 1 - Repel Mosquitoes from Yard

People love enjoying activities in their yard. Having meals, sitting together with family or playing with kids but mosquitoes spoil all the love. Mosquitoes are usually found in every yard in every home. Wondering how to repel mosquitoes from yard? Here is a simple tip for you. Just place a dish filled with soapy water at some distance and do whatever activity you like. Mosquitoes would attracted towards the water and will get trapped in the soap bubbles.

TIP NO. 2 - Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are in every building and in every home. Somewhere too big in number and somewhere less. Here is how to get rid of cockroaches with a simple trap made with plastic bottles. Take an empty plastic bottle, cut it from the top like shown in the picture and place it near a wall with the upper cut part upside down. Kitchen wall would be best place to trap cockroaches. This will lure and trap them as they could come in but would not find the way out. For luring, simply little amount of water can work however you can also use other things.

TIP NO. 3 - Baby Oil as Mosquito Repellent

Did you know that you can use Johnson's baby creamy oil as a perfect mosquito repellent. A mosquito solution without smell. You wouldn't feel hectic like you may do while applying the mosquito repellent. This can be handy in emergency situations, or when you are traveling or staying outdoor when you don't have any other solutions for mosquitoes. You just need to remember that if you have Johnson's baby oil, you can apply it for repelling mosquitoes as well.

TIP NO. 4 - Keep Ants Away with Cinnamon

You can use different methods to keep ants away to come to a certain place however here is a simple method for that. You can make use of cinnamon powder. It works like a defensive barrier against the ants. The rule is simple that the barrier must be in the form of an unbroken line. Deploy your barrier where you want the ants to stop and they could not cross your defensive barrier thus would not enter the unwanted place for them. Be sure that barriers wouldn't work for the already existing ants. Besides cinnamon (dar cheeni), you can use following items as well:
  • A line of chalk
  • Turmeric powder (haldi)
  • Baby powder
  • White vinegar and water (sufaid sirka pani ke sath)

TIP NO. 5 - Keep Bugs Away with Orange Candle

Gardens are lovely places but bugs are always there to annoy. You can keep bugs away from a place by using scented orange candles. You can make these candles yourself. You must be thinking how. Not to worry at all. KFoods.com is telling its method below:

Collect These Items First:
  1. 1 Orange
  2. 2 wicks for candle
  3. Citronella essential oil: 15 to 20 drops
  4. 4 to 6 ounces candles
  5. A metal bowl
  6. A little saucepan
  7. A cutting board


Cut the orange from middle horizontally. Remove its pulp and so these two empty orange shells would be your candles. Fill the saucepan with water and place it on stove on medium heat. Add candle ends to the metal bowl and fix it on the top of saucepan like a double boiler in order to melt the wax. Add citronella essential oil to candle wax and remove from the stove. Now place orange on the cutting board, place candlewick and pour the hot wax into the orange shell. Adjust the wick if needed and let it get cool. Place the candles wherever you like. Bugs won't bother come near you!

TIP NO. 6 - Grow Garlic in Yard to Repel Mosquitoes

Garlic can be used as an effective barrier to keep the mosquitoes away. Though garlic has a wonderful taste, people also believe it to be an effective barrier to guard home from mosquitoes. You can grow garlic around your house to keep mosquitoes at the bay. Or simply buying garlic powder and sprinkling it across the yard may also work. It would also be helpful for your pets if they sleep in yard.

TIP NO. 7 - Sage or Rosemary Leaves to Keep Mosquitoes Away

If you are making a barbeque which you definitely do at an open place, you can easily remove mosquitoes from that area by simply exposing sage or rosemary leaves to the coal. Actually, coal is ablaze and emitting the smoke continuously. By exposing rosemary leaves to the coal, it's added in the smoke which helps repelling the mosquitoes away.Images: Wikihow

KFoods.com brings 7 interesting household tips and tricks for you which will be proved to be very effective for you at certain times and places. These tips would give you new ideas and solutions in certain situations when you have no solution else. Sometimes it's a queue of ants marching toward the food or sometimes it's a group of mosquitoes annoying you in your garden, read these interesting home tips and enjoy implementing them.

Improving home is more than a hobby, sometimes it's a passion and sometimes it becomes a must do thing in your life. Here are the useful home tips for you.

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7 Interesting Household Tips And Tricks

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7 Interesting Household Tips and Tricks

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