Gawar Phali Recipe

Preparing Gawar Phali Recipe


  • Gawaar phali: 1/2 kg
  • oil: 1/2 cup
  • Salt: as required
  • lal mirch: 1 tsp
  • dhanye powder: 1/2 tsp
  • adrak lehsan: 1 tbsp
  • pyaaz: 2
  • Tamatar: 2
  • Hari mirch: 6,7


  1. sub say phalay gawaar phale ko kat lun or as ko 5 min kay leeyy boild kar lyn or as ko channay may neekaal lyn
  2. Aik pateelay may oil ko garam karyn. jub oil garam ho jayy to as may bareeek kate pyaaz dal dyn or 5 mint tak fry karyn jub paaz naram ho ja to
  3. is may temater dal dyn ar sath he sa masalay namak,mirch,dhanya powderdal or adrak lhsan dal kar bhoon lyn.
  4. jub masala achchee tarhaan bhoon jayy or temater gal jayy to as may phalay say aule hooee gawar phalee dal dyn or halkee aanch par dam par rakh dyn.jub phalee gal gayy to as ko achchee tarhaan dobara bhon lyn.
  5. as kay bad hare mirch dal kay dam bar rakh dyn 5 min kay leeyy as tarhaan mazydaar gawar phalee tyyar hay.


gawar phali recipe
Cut guar beans into small pieces.

how to make gawar phali
Boil and transfer to a strainer.

gawar phali recipe in urdu
Heat oil and fry chopped onions.

gawar phali step by step recipe
Add tomatoes and other ingredients and roast.

how to make guar beans
Add boiled guar beans and roast at low heat.

gawar ki phalli recipe
Tasteful guar beans are ready to serve.

Today we are going to figure out delicious gawar phali recipe with step by step visual instructions offered by Gawar ki Sabzi provides a low cost yet tasteful meal to enjoy.

Gawar ki Phali or guar beans is eaten frequently in Pakistan. There are dozens of recipes made with Gawar phali such as Hyderabadi gawar phali, gawar ki phali with peanuts and gawar ki phali Rajasthani recipe and so on.

It is an important source of 75% dietary fiber. It has several health benefits and it’s been shown to be useful in weight loss and diabetes treatment. The gawar phali is high in protein and low in calories. It contains vitamin C, vitamin K, Manganese, and Vitamin A, dietary fiber, iron and potassium.

See how to make gawar phali step by step.

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Gawar Phali Recipe is tasteful dish but people underestimate it is very nice and meaty dish I will easily made it in my home,I actually keep looking for nontraditional and uncommon foods.That's why I am interested in this recipe.I searched the internet for this recipe I found this recipe its quite easy thanks for

Nov 13, 2018 Fatima Larkana

Gawar phali recipe is a bit unique and towards the desi side. My sister loves western food while I love the desi kind of food so I tried this recipe just for the fun of it and it worked! It's yummy!

Sep 10, 2018 Mahum lahore

Muqadassjb saab sahi bolray - Karachi Sep 04, 2016 Ye recipe complete nahi hay plz complete recipe he post keys karain. aap khud check karo warna loogh aap per bharosa nahi karogay. Mujey umeed hai aap jald se jald complete karogay. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Nov 06, 2017 M.A.Gaffar Saudi Arabia

Agar gawar ko lase ke sath taste kia jae wo maza he alag he ek bar azmaeaga phr muje is number pe bateaga ke jase hote he test ok 03024020940


Ty kfoods.. Thanks for this nice recipe, I actually keep looking for nontraditional and uncommon foods. That's why I am interested in cooking beans and veggies that are usually not cooked in our homes. I liked this recipe. Thumbs up!!

Jan 15, 2017 Samina Ali Bahawalpur

Gawar phali is tasteful dish but people underestimate it. Even in my home, I ask my father and mom to cook it but they ignore it and keep buying regular grocery items that are cooked regularly every week. I will try to convince them again.

Dec 22, 2016 Zahira Lahore

gawar phali is very tasty. I have seen people ignore it while cooking their everyday meals but let me tell them that it is a nice thing to cook. And your husband will appreciate it. Try once on my recommendation.

Dec 01, 2016 Javeria Iqbal Faisalabad

Ye recipe complet nahi hay plz complete recipe he post keys karain

Sep 04, 2016 Muqadassjb Karachi

maine kabhi taste nhi ki . kesi hoti hai

Nov 06, 2015 mashal

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