How to Make Memoni Pulao Recipe

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Memoni Gosht Pulao is a tasteful facet of Pakistani foods culture. This pulao makes smart use of onions, green chilies, ginger garlic paste, black cumin and tomatoes as spices, and beef, rice and potatoes as main ingredients of the dish. This recipe is not so common like biryani and plain pulao, so many of us are still missing the delish of this delicious rice dish. offers a step by step recipe for making memoni pulao in Urdu. Find the recipe presented below and enjoy a tasteful meal with your family.

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  • - Karachi Jun 07, 2016

    @Ameerjan: Here is Haleem Recipe: Paya: Nihari:

  • ameerjan - bangaloru Jun 05, 2016

    muje haleem pakana seknahe payA nehare bhi seknahe hotallo me ahce nahe melti ab umed kartaho es ka jwab denge. ameerjan

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