Eggs are Good for Mental Health: See How

eggs for mental healtheggs good for mental health

Along eating eggs for protein gain, let us inform you that they are also good for your mental health. It contains certain nutrients that improve mental health and sharpness. Often it was seen that people start thinking on little things and keep them in their mind. This habit makes them a patient of mental distortion and even some people lose their mind. They then have to go to hospitals for treatment; wasting not only money but also time and even all this brings no result. A research in this regard proves that if you want to protect yourself from weak memory and mental distortion, eat eggs.

Read more about how eggs can protect you from various kinds of mental problems.

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By Aqib Shehzad In Health and Fitness 3 Comments 9351 Views 11 Feb 2016

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  • Khalid - Karachi Oct 04, 2017


  • mehmood Anwar - Islamabad Jun 26, 2016

    Ya, people are benefiting from this useful information. Keep it up and continue.

  • Hamid Jawwad - Islamabad Feb 12, 2016

    very useful information. I eat eggs everyday but I did not ever realize that it is so beneficial for mental fitness. However, that's amazing knowledge and it's now more emphasized for us to keep eating eggs in diet.

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