Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

Our today's discussion is focused on top 10 honey benefits which hardly anyone knows.

Famous Greek physician Buqrat (Hippocrates of Kos) once said:

"Use food as medicines and medicine as food"

Full of fructose, glucose, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, honey is the most favorite food of health experts. Honey is helpful to treat many kinds of common and uncommon diseases. Earlier, it has also been being used to heal countless mental and physical health problems. It's taste and sweetness is also a factor of it's demand.

Quran Majeed also discussed about honey. Below is the list of benefits of honey. Read and discover what you didn't about it before.

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1. Beautiful Glowing Skin

Did you know the benefits of this liquid gold for skin ?

Ok, let me tell.

You know, many women who inspire you with their shiny glowing skin use honey for it. Honey can be used as a natural skin moisturizer, skin exfoliant and anti aging agent. Most skin products manufacturers use honey in their products.

It helps us achieve a clearer, soft, shining and smooth skin.

Then why not to use it?

It not only saves from dangerous Ultraviolet rays of the sun but also confers fresh and liveliness to a dull skin.

honey benefits for skinhoney for skin

2. An Effective Remedy for Acnes and Freckles

Acne and freckles is a common problem with girls. They are not just limited to face but also appear on other parts of body. Honey is a very effective remedy for acnes and freckles. It revives the dead skin cells, removes dust inside and re-lives it. Honey is also an excellent anti-septic which keeps skin protected from pollution and dirt which is a usual cause of acnes.

honey for acneshehed keel muhase

3. Infuses Life to Hair


When your hair become dull, dry and lifeless, don't worry.

Honey is there for you!

It removes dryness and keeps them moistened. Often hairs become dry after washing but use of honey keeps them soft and moist. It also helps hair maintain their color for long. Honey has amazing results for white and falling hair. Those who dye their hair should also use honey as it counters the hazardous chemicals in dyes and keep them in their original shape for long time.

honey benefits for hairshehed baalon ke liye

4. Sparkling Bright Eyes

Old Egyptians believed that honey can fight many eye diseases. Applying honey in eyes can not only protects them from different diseases but also improves the vision. People with weak eyesight can also take benefit with honey.

Honey can save from various eye infections, red eyes as well as conjunctivitis problem. Diabetes patients can use honey to prevent cataract and glaucoma problems.

honey for glistening eyesshahad se chamakdar aanken

5. Natural Sugar

Honey is the best way to obtain natural sugar and that's why it can be used instead of white sugar. It not only keeps our body active but it is also harm free like white sugar is. However, diabetic patients should use it in a limit and keep monitoring their blood sugar level along.

sugar ke mariz ke liye shehedhoney for diabetics

6. Reduces Heart Disease Risks

Honey can help control cholesterol levels. It increases HDL (good cholesterol) in our blood. Expectorants and soothing properties of honey are very helpful to protect from various kinds of aspiratory infections.

Here is another benefit of honey and water. Add some honey and cardamom to water and boil. Drink this mixture everyday.

It will reduce your cholesterol up to 10%.

honey for heartamraz e qalb ke liye

7. Reduces Belly Fat

Using mere honey cannot fight obesity. We need balanced diet, exercise and change in our lifestyles for that. However it is one of the best detox agents which significantly help for losing weight. It cleanses liver and also dissolves extra fats inside the liver. Honey is good for our digestive system as well.

Drink honey plus lemon with warm water empty stomach for decreasing weight!

It should be remembered that 1 spoon of honey contains 63 calories and so it must be used carefully. However, it certainly can be used in replacement of white sugar. Even a very little amount of honey fulfils the requirement of sugar and moreover it is not harmful too. Instead of sugar, use honey in your tea cup for better taste and nutrition.

shahad motapay ke liyehoney for obesity

8. Fights Germs

Anti germs properties are actually the thing which fights acnes. Honey also works as a means of boosting immunity power. Being an antibacterial and antioxidant, it strengthens the defense mechanism of the body. And that is the reason why people using honey stay away from cold, flu and allergies.shehed jarasim ke liye

9. Protects from Chest and Throat Infection

To protect yourself from throat and chest infection, take two spoons of honey before sleeping. It also reduces the throat inflammation and improves quality of sleep as well. You can also use honey in tea for protection against allergy and throat infections.honey antibacterial

10. Best Antibacterial Agent

Another important characteristic of honey is that it heals wounds fast. For breastfeeding mothers, honey is very useful. It can fight chest infection; honey is a wonderful pain killer too. Breastfeeding women can use honey as medication to protect themselves and their babies from all kinds of bacteria.

Honey is like a blessing for humans. With addition of honey to water, tea and with other dishes, you can not only improve the taste but also avail the mental and physical benefits hidden inside the honey.

honey as antibacterial

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    Wow nice information about honey kindly share it with girls and women this is what they need a lot

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    God gifted super.

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    very useful information. Thank you for sharing marvelous things about honey.

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    amazing brother. I never knew it has also benefits for skin and acnes. I always have thought that it can resolve inner body problems but now it's good to see its benefits for skin.

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    can anyone arrange pure honey for me? honey from jungles, not from farms. I have tried to buy from different people but all times it was found to be impure. Then I have stopped buying. First I would ensure about its purity , then buy.

  • Sidra Imtiaz - Rawalpindi Jan 19, 2016

    honey is good for many many things. These are 10 benefits but actually it is good for a very high number of things. I have read its complete detail . They were 25 to 30 benefits mentioned there but they are even more.

  • Fazle Akbar Rookhan - Karachi Jan 14, 2016

    السلام علیکم ماشاءاللہ مجھے تو شہد بہت اچھے لگے اور معلوم ھوی کیوں کہ مجھے پتہ چلہ کہ شہد کی حقیقت مجھےمعلوم ھوا بہت بہت شکریہ اللہ اپکے علم میں برتکت دے

  • Kiran - Peshawar Dec 28, 2015

    honey is a superb gift from nature. no one can deny its effective benefits for health. But I keep searching for pure forest honey but it is hardly available . what should i do?

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    please also give all this information in English as well. I want these things known but comfortable with English. can you translate all these honey benefit ? reply on my comment. thank you

  • Nusrat Khanam - Islamabad Dec 08, 2015

    it is a gift from nature, surely. honey is also mentioned in Qur'an Kareem. People should use it as much as they can. I also try to use it for different house uses. It is really a miracle.

  • sadia ghous - lahore Dec 02, 2015

    shehed is a very healthy food. It is also mentioned in Qur'an majeed. we must eat shehd daily with milk or just a spoon. it is miraculous.

  • Shakiba - khi Nov 19, 2015

    honey original kahan se len ye to bataen? original and pure kahin milta hi nahi