Tanbe Ke Bartan Se Pani Pine Ke Faide

Hopefully, you have seen an old set of copper jugs and tumblers stored in cupboard of any of your grandparents. In old days, people mostly used to drink water in copper pots. They knew the benefits of copper pot water but unfortunately today's generation does not. Today, we will tell you some very useful benefits of copper pots. If you find a couple of copper drinking glass or jug in a corner of your home, grab it and start usi...

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7 Surprising Benefits of Quince (Bahi)

7 surprising benefits of Quince (bahi) 7 surprising benefits of Quince (bahi) – Quince is a rather unusual fruit that is rarely found in the cities across Pakistan. However, the fruit is closely related to apples and pears but holds many benfits. The fruit, while its ripened, is yellowish-gold in color and is somewhat similar to in the shape and texture.You can utilize the quince fruit by making them as jams, jellies, pudding...

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Himalayan Salt Benefits

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Palak Gosht Step By Step Recipe

Palak Gosht is a famous recipe cooked and followed throughout Pakistan. Palak Gosht (Spinach Meat) is cooked very commonly in Asian countries especially Pakistan and India. KFoods is telling you step by step Palak Gosht Recipe with pictures of each and every step. Palak is eaten due to two reasons, its nutritional benefits and its good taste. Due to it's good taste, people cook it in different styles with diffe...

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Health Benefits of Psyllium Husk - Ispaghol Ke Fayde

Health benefits of psyllium husk Health benefits of psyllium husk (ispagholkefayde) – Psyllium, also known as ispaghol is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantagoovata plant’s seeds. On many occasions it is called ispaghula and it is most commonly used as alaxative. Then again, its benefits don’t end there. Research shows that ispagholis beneficial to many parts of the human body, including the heart and the pancreas.Ad...

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7 Uses of Baking Soda for Beauty and Skin

Find extra-ordinary uses of baking soda for beauty tips and skin benefits in Urdu and English as well. Baking soda is a common kitchen item found in every home but it's benefits are amazing. It can help in many situations such as to remove skin acne, whitens teeth, improve skin complexion and help reduce rashes and itching. Here are the top 7 baking soda remedies for beauty and skin whitening.

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Tukhm e Balanga Benefits and Sharbat Recipe

Tukhme Balanga is a healthful aromatic seed with lots of amazing benefits to human health. It is used in various kinds of drinks like rooh afza sharbat, falooda, ice cream, jaggery drink and more. Know where and how this miraculous seed is beneficial to our health along with a very delicious recipe of tukhm e balanga sharbat. Tukhm Balanga (also know as chia seeds in English and written tukh malanga as well) is...

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Badiyan Ka 10 Hairat Angez Fawaid

10 Wonderful Benefits of Anise (Badiyan) There may be hardly any home where Anise (Badiyan) is not used in cooking. It is such a great gift from nature which is not only used in foods but also used to cure certain diseases. If you did not know about Anise, here is a wonderful article by KFoods.com which tells you some of its benefits. Read and make use of the miraculous Anise (Badiyan) in your lives.

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14 August Cake Ideas

Every year on 14 August, independence day of Pakistan is celebrated with passionate and patriotic emotions. Pakistanis living abroad also celebrate the day as per their reach. Different activities are planned to observe the day. People make sweets, cakes, fly flags, garnish homes with flags and so on. One very frequent thing observed is to make cakes for the independence day. Since, it is not like regular birthdays, so it becomes very dif...

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Pumpkin Seeds Benefits in Urdu

Pumpkin seeds are full of healthy and nutritional benefits. They contain fiber, carbohydrates, sodium, vitamin B1, iron and magnesium. Eating them has no side effects even they help cure for various kinds of diseases. Kaddu seeds (Kaddu Ke Beej) have been being used as medicine for long ago. They are eaten peeled and also used to prepare Qahwa. Pumpkin contains massive amount of proteins. It is also rich with Amino Acid which re...

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