Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair, Dryness and Nails

It is no wonder seeing the peculiar benefits of coconut oil. If you got a little bottle of pure coconut oil, you have got a treasure with you. Other than a simple coconut, it's oil has a lot more for our health. You can apply it on hair and skin, add it to foods, drink it and rinse your mouth with it. And each of these acts would bring unique benefits to you. Coconut oil is known as an effectiv...

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Hamla Khawateen Zaror Khayen

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Khubani Ki Giri Mout Ka Bais Ban Sakti Hai

Apricot is a healthy and nutritional fruit which everyone likes to eat. One important thing in apricot is it's almond which tastes like common almonds. Almost everyone who eats an apricot also like to eat the almond of apricots. But do you know that doing so might be dangerous? Even it can risk the life. Read more about apricot almond (khubani ka badam) in Urdu.

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Food Authority Bans Chinese Salt

Punjab Bhar Main China Nemak Kay Istemal Per Pabandi

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Winter Lips Care Home Remedies

Find out the top 5 home remedies for lip care in winter. As winter comes, keeping lips fresh and moisturized becomes a big challenge. Winter always comes with stern dry winds that largely impact the skin as well as lips. It is understood that cold weather in November and December is going to make your lips dry and dull. Many Pakista...

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Sardio Main Ye Na Khaye

There are some foods that should be avoided in winters in order to remain healthy and avoid any kind of diseases . the foods are namely fried items which increases the bad fat in the body , cold drinks and tea or coffee which have high amount of caffeine which is also not good for health and leads to dehydration, eggs and red meat must also be avoided in winters because it cause throat problems, milk and milk made things should also be avoid...

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2 Best Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs For Kids

As we know that eggs are full of proteins and calcium, hence it is very important for children health. According to experts children must take one egg a day. Moreover according to American scientists children must be given eggs daily for 6 months at times when they are growing mentally. An egg is full of all those nutrition’s which are necessary for your child’s mental growth and intake of 1 egg daily also reduces the chances of ...

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9 Health Benefits Of Beans

Lobia Khane Kay 9 Faiday Today you are going to get some valuable information about one of the blessing of nature that is beans. Beans come to us in the forms of vegetables and lentils too. You will be amazed to known the effects that use of beans leave on our body and health. It has been proved from many researches that kidney beans prove to be very helpful in maintaining the blood pressure. The green bean...

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6 Afrad Jan Bahaq

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Dalchini Aur Shahad Ke Fayde

Let's share some amazing health benefits of honey when consumed with cinnamon (dalchini with honey benefits in Urdu). Honey as we all know is one of the natural gifts from ALLAH SWT. Honey contains lots of nutrients and rice elements. Honey is used to heal many kinds of diseases. We find honey's mention in Quran e Kareem as well as in some hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihe wasallam). Honey becomes more adv...

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