Ankh k dany yah Gohanji ka ilaj

Useful anti aging tips in Urdu for those who want to prevent early aging. Due to blockade of eye oil gland, a lump grows inside or outside eyelid which is called eye stye. Some bacteria can also cause pimples on eyes. Usually these pimples do not put any negative impact on overall health however it makes the face look awkward and painful. Following are the tips for eye stye trea...

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Top 10 Eid Recipes

Find the top 10 recipes for Eid ul Fitr 2016 recommended for you by Eid is the day of happiness, merriments and joys. It is a set of three days in the year which allow us to get together with friends and family members. Eid joys can be enhanced with special foods, spicy dishes and primarily sweets and desserts. presents a list of top 10 Eid dishes to consider for Eid days. Let's shortli...

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Eid Hairstyles 2018

Eid hairstyles 2018 is a list of gorgeous new and innovative hairstyle trends that are perfect for festive days like Eid-ul-Fitr. And for many, Eid is a time where women and girls around the world get the excuse to shop for glittery clothes, jewelry, makeup, and pin up their hair in trendy hairstyles. For some, hair is the most important essence of the body that defines their personality and style. The importance of...

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Eid Mehndi Designs 2018

Eid mehndi designs 2018 is a list of beautiful mehndi designs for the festive event of Eid-ul-Fitr. Although Eid-ul-Fitr is all about celebrating the end of Ramadan (the month of fasting), there is one more incredible thing that women look forward to and that is putting on henna (mehndi). Women across the Pakistan and India consider putting on henna to be an ornament and a way to express joy and happiness. Putting on h...

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Wonders of Mango Peel - Do Not Throw It Away!

Everyone of us is aware of nutritional benefits of mangoes but may not know about the benefits of mango peel. Researchers have made several researches to figure out the effectiveness of mango peel. According to those researches, one benefit of mango skin is that it protects us from various types of cancer and diabetes. Explore more benefits of mango peels in Urdu as presented by

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Perfume Is Jaga Na Lagai

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Top 12 Iftar Buffet Deals in Karachi 2018

Iftar Buffet Deals in Karachi 2018 - Ramadan is a Holy month that all Muslims look forward to as it is the month of blessings. However, there is one more thing to look forward to in the month of Ramadan - a great meal after a whole day of fasting! What’s more amazing is if they come with great discounts. Yes, you heard that right! If you’re planning to go out with your family and friends for Iftar with a limited budget and many bellies to fi...

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5 Best Dahi Bhalla Recipes - Homemade Dahi Bhalla Recipes Step by Step

Dahi bara is a popular side dish, appetizer and snack in the Indian subcontinent. Best Dahi Bhalla Recipe is prepared from soaking vadas (fried flour balls) in whipped dahi (yogurt). Homemade Dahi Bhalla is a group of dumplings that can be easily made at home. Wash the fried flour balls and soak them overnight. After they’re completely soaked, ground them into a batter for baras and then cook in hot oil until golden brown. Once again, the de...

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