Winter Lips Care Home Remedies

Find out the top 5 home remedies for lip care in winter. As winter comes, keeping lips fresh and moisturized becomes a big challenge. Winter always comes with stern dry winds that largely impact the skin as well as lips. It is understood that cold weather in November and December is going to make your lips dry and dull. Many Pakista...

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Sardio Main Ye Na Khaye

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2 Best Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs For Kids

As we know that eggs are full of proteins and calcium, hence it is very important for children health. According to experts children must take one egg a day. Moreover according to American scientists children must be given eggs daily for 6 months at times when they are growing mentally. An egg is full of all those nutrition’s which are necessary for your child’s mental growth and intake of 1 egg daily also reduces the chances of ...

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9 Health Benefits Of Beans

Lobia Khane Kay 9 Faiday

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6 Afrad Jan Bahaq

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Dalchini Aur Shahad Ke Fayde

Let's share some amazing health benefits of honey when consumed with cinnamon (dalchini with honey benefits in Urdu). Honey as we all know is one of the natural gifts from ALLAH SWT. Honey contains lots of nutrients and rice elements. Honey is used to heal many kinds of diseases. We find honey's mention in Quran e Kareem as well as in some hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihe wasallam). Honey becomes more adv...

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Ando Ko Fridge Kay Darwaze Main Kabhi Na Rakhain

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10 Great Benefits of Eating Raisins (Kishmish)

Raisins are dried grapes which are found in almost every household. In this article you are going to be amazed to know that these commonly available dried grapes have amazing health benefits. Raisins are very effective for blood deficiency because raisins have huge amount of iron. Raisins can also be used to cure constipation because they are full of fiber and tartaric acid. It is suggested to take half an ounce of rai...

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Benefits of Desi Ghee in Winter

There are many benefits of taking desi ghee in winter season. Desi ghee is being used a part of our foods since years. However, people in the current age tell that it is not good for health, causes obesity and heart diseases etc. Contrary to this notion, a famous Indian Research Institute has declared desi ghee as a very useful and healthful food to eat. The report also suggests that ghee obtained from cow butter is also helpful to save f...

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Amazing health benefits of Pine Nuts | Chilgoza

Chilgoza Khane Ke Fayda Pine nuts (chalghoza) are a kind of dry fruit which is getting very expensive and out of the reach of common people day by day. However this hardly available dry fruit have some very amazing health benefits which you are going to know in this article. Pine nuts increases appetite (bhook) and so are good for those who want to gain some weight. Pine nuts also prove to be very effective ...

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