Kis Marz Main Kon Sa Juice Piyen

Explore juices for different disease, a list of juices to drink in different diseases. Drinking fruit juices to counter a disease is known as "Juice Therapy". Drinking juices enhances the strength of body parts especially the organs which expel toxic materials out of the body. These parts include lungs, liver, kidneys and skin etc. Find following a description of juices for different diseases.

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Demak Se Chutkara Pane Kay Liye

Deemak khatam karne ka tarika in Urdu. Deemak or termite is an insect which lives in communal form. It eats wood that is why it is mostly found in plants and wooden objects. It wholly eats up the wood. There are different types of termite in which the most common is wood termite. It is found in wood-made things like furniture items or tree stems. It makes it's den outside the ...

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Taqatwar Tareen Mashroob

Homemade Natural Energy Drink Recipe is very helpful for patients who are feeling weakness due to cancer. It will be strong your immune system and also boost your energy So we are sharing this nutrional drink recipe.

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Aik Chamch Khane Se Charbi Ghaib

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Jism Par Ye Safaid Dhabe Kyun Hote Hain

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Pait Ki Charbi Fori Pighlane Ke Liye Asan Tip

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Galay Ki Kharash Ka Ilaj

Let's figure out how to treat sore throat (gale ki kharash ka ilaj in Urdu) and reduce your throat problems at home. Sore throat or inflammation is a common disease which is likely to affect on weather change. Or if you take cold and hot foods together. Some people are very sensitive and they start suffering with throat problems even with a little change in weather, increasing pollution and if they eat different foods ...

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Natural Homemade Whitening Toothpastes

Find natural alternatives for toothpastes. We are discussing 5 methods of making homemade whitening toothpaste all with natural ingredients. In this article we will tell you how to make natural toothpaste at home with baking soda, turmeric powder, charcoal powder, salt and coconut oil. These toothpaste alternatives can work great for whitening and cleansing your teeth.

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Baking Soda Beauty Uses and Tips

Today we are going to share baking soda beauty uses and tips in Urdu that would help you a lot. These tips are easy, short and to-the-point. Baking soda can help you with many kinds of health and beauty problems. Some of these are highlighted below however it's variety of usage and benefits is beyond our thoughts. - Wanna get rid of pimples? - Wanna whiten your teeth? - Bad breath? - Fatigue problem? All th...

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Ye Kahwa Peene Wala Kabhi Boorha Nahi Hota

Let's figure the health benefits of famous herb tongkat ali. In this article, we are discussing what is tongkat ali herb, what are benefits of drinking it's tea. Tongka Ali kahwa or herbal tea is now available in all countries. This herbal tea is used to cure different kinds of diseases. It also helps in balancing the body shape. Malaysia and Indonesia are known as rich countries for these kinds of herbs...

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