Homemade Iftar Drinks Recipes

Today I have come up with 5 recipes for iftar drinks (summer special). These drinks are rich with cooling nutrients that reduce the body heat, make us energized, fresh and feel better. In the month of Holy Ramadan, especially when it comes in summer, our body needs additional amount of water and minerals. So at the time of breaking the fast, we have to take special juices and smoothies that are made with fruits and herbs. ...

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Sehri Special Recipes for Summer Ramadan

Summer sehri requires to eat foods that would keep you cool, reduce thirst during fasting as well as keep you active and energetic. Since last couple of years, the month of Holy Ramadan is falling in July, August and also in 2016, it is falling in the month of June - when weather is hottest of the year. In general, there are usual sehri dishes but when there are long hot days of the summer, we need to take very special foods....

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Healthy Eating in Ramadan

People eat in Ramadan without limits. Since there are two eating times, Seheri and Iftar, we try to eat most every time. This is not a healthy habit. Then, what? You should eat wisely and precisely a balanced food throughout the holy month. Here are 7 healthy habits for eating in Ramadan.

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Top 10 Ramadan Snacks and Drinks Recipes

There is always a difference in eating in Ramadan. Almost everyday at iftar, we are to try a new food which we have just heard about. Household women are seeking newer recipes to cook for making the iftari. Yet some regular foods are going to cook regularly everyday but almost always there is something new on every coming fasting day. KFoods.com brings the top 10 Ramadan recipes for you. This recipe list consists of spi...

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Pre-Ramadan Preparation and Checklist

Ramadan ul Mubarak, 9th month of Islamic Hijri Calendar, the holy month with bliss and blessings is again around the corner. Ramadan 2015 or 1436 is coming closer to us with lots of prayers, spiritualities, opportunities and benedictions. When Ramadan comes, we see a totally new lifestyle. For a new lifestyle, you must know some useful tips to live, eat, pray and do other activities properly without falling ill.

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Iftar Buffets Deals Karachi 2017

Looking for iftar deals in Karachi? Alright. Find here a list of 20 iftar and dinner deals in Karachi for 2017. KFoods.com presents a list of 2017 buffet in Karachi. Scroll down to find the suitable one for you.

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Chicken Shami Kabab Step By Step Recipe

Among thousands of chicken recipes, shami kabab is a top favorite of many Pakistanis. Today, KFoods.com is telling how to make Chicken Shami Kabab with detailed step by step instructions. Each step is made very clear with pictures and with corresponding steps. We can expect you can cook Shami Kababs with chicken meat after reading this step by step recipe. Shami Kabab keeps the value of a tradition in Pakistani Cuisine. W...

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Top 10 Lawn Brands in Pakistan

Trend of women lawn is growing in Pakistan. Women like to buy stylish summer, mid-summer and spring lawn. So we decided to enlist the top 10 lawn brands of Pakistan. We have made a research, viewed their designs and finally prepared a list of top 10 women lawn sellers in Pakistan. Buy latest collection of lawns 2017 he...

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Dinner Rolls Recipe

Let's find an easy recipe for soft dinner rolls; you can make this recipe at home within 40 to 45 minutes. It is a light sweet snack to enjoy at evening. Serve it with tea in morning or evening and enjoy a nice time with your family. A dinner roll requires very few ingredients needed to make the dough. And that's all. Once dough is prepared, all you need is to shape the rolls and bake them for 20 to 25 minutes. Main ingredients ...

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Chicken Stuffed Bread Recipe

Today I am going to teach you how to make keema stuffed chicken bread recipe at home. You would find it available at bakeries and sweet shops and with my given step by step recipe, you can make it yourself. We will use spicy chicken qeema to use as filling. So it is gonna a delicious snack you can enjoy with tomato ketchup along a cup of tea. Chicken stuffed bread is prepared in three phases, first phase is about making dough, s...

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