Simple Sponge Cake Recipe

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To Prep
To Cook


For the Sponge

3 Medium eggs
Self raising flour
Caster Sugar
1 tsp Baking powder
For the ButterCream

75g Butter (unSalted)
Icing Sugar

How to make Simple Sponge Cake


1.Firstly, weigh the eggs (in the shell) and make a note of the weight.

2.Weigh out the weight of the eggs in sugar, flour and margarine (if the eggs weigh 200g, you need 200g of sugar, flour and margarine.

3.Beat the margarine and sugar in a large mixing bowl, until the consistency is creamy, the aim at this stage is to incorporate as much air into the mixture as possible.

4.Break the eggs into the margarine and sugar mix, add the flour, baking powder and any flavourings.

5.Mix the ingredients together, trying to incorporate as much air as possible.
Check that the mixture is of dropping consistency, in other words, when you lift and tilt a spoonful of the mixture it should naturally drop back into the bowl and not run or stay on the spoon. Add a little milk or flour if necessary.

6.Divide the mixture evenly between two greased 18cm cake tins, and place in a 180 degrees C oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Do not open the oven until at least 20 minutes have passed (doing so will release the air from the sponge mix). 7.

7.When the sponges are cooked you should be able to lightly press the top with your fingers and it should spring back into place.

8.Remove the sponges from the oven and place on a cooling rack.

9.While the sponges are cooling make the buttercream, by beating together the butter and icing sugar, and any flavourings. Add as much or as little icing sugar as is required to overcome the “buttery” flavour.

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Reviews & Comments (69)

Sumaiya - Lahore May 03, 2017
cakes are very nice and I like them from my childhood. When I was a kid, I always got happy when there was someone's birthday, since that time, I got passionate for cakes and now I started making them myself. I keep searching for different cakes.
Sapna - Goa Apr 10, 2017
I made it for my niece’s birthday party and it was unbelievable. I mean that it was having a great and awesome taste. I was too happy to give her surprise cake and credit goes to you 
Amtul - Dhaka Apr 05, 2017
I really like to try and cook new and different recipes as my husband likes sweets very much. Now I will try this and will let you about his remarks In Shaa Allah.
shanzay - virgina Mar 26, 2017
So finally I have found the way to make easiest cake ever. It was really surprising for me that a cake can so easily be made in this much tasty manner. Thank you
Hizaq - Lahore Mar 24, 2017
You should add more variations of Simple Sponge Cake recipe such there are many variations in Cake Recipes. Thanks for the cooperation and post more recipes.


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Sponge cake is prepared using sugar, flour and eggs, also sometimes fermented with addition of baking powder. Find the Sponge cake recipe below presented by and make a wonderful soft aromatic cake at home. It can be served at breakfasts, at evening teas or as a light brunch item. It gives a good pleasant taste when served with sweetened fruit or iced with glaze. Find the recipe below and learn how to make a sponge cake very simply; and at last enjoy your handmade sponge cake.


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