Shahi Haleem Recipe

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This is a very special dish of pakistan. I hope you like it.

meat boneless:2lbs
Ginger Garlic paste:2tbs each
red Chilli powder:2tbs
dhania powder:3tbs
Garam masala:1tsp
Green chillies paste:1tbs
ground Mint leaves:1tbs
Chana dal:1/2cup
Moong: 1/4cup

How to make Shahi Haleem


Soak wheat & barley overnight and boil with 1tsp chilli & haldi powder make it tender and grind it.
Add all dal & rice with enough water to cook and cook till tender and grind.
Heat oil, fry onion, add all masala, yogurt, roast for a while then add meat.
Add water and cook till tender. Add dal & wheat mixture.
Grind it in a mixer or grind manually. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
Add garam masala to this.
serve with fried onion strips, lemon, cilantro, chopped ginger and chat masala.


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Reviews & Comments (60)

simran - rawalpindi Jul 24, 2019
Shahi haleem is great Im going to make it this is delicious one .
Elena Petrova - Dubai Jul 19, 2019
This Shahi Haleem is wonderful. Tastes great!
Ghazal - Lahore Dec 27, 2018
The flavour of mint leaves is the basic thing and combination which I love with shahi haleem recipe.
Ibtesaam Zaidi - Khanewal Nov 06, 2018
Great flavour - my family loved it! I needed to add an extra flavor of mint to this Shahi haleem, but this may be because I added extra green chilies and onions. Definitely a keeper. Highly recommended by me.
Gurya - Lahore Sep 27, 2018
I served this shahi haleem in a single plate, all single plates garnished with green chilies, fried onions, and gingers. It really tasted so well. The best part is that this haleem recipe really gave a royal look and flavor.


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Shahi Haleem recipe is a stew popular in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Although the dish varies from region to region, Shahi Haleem recipe always includes wheat or barley, Meat, and sometimes lentils. Daleem is cooked occasionally in the month of Moharram in bulk quantity. However people also make it at home in their small cooking pots. Daleem Recipe includes all kinds’ of lentils and barley which are first boiled. Then a spicy gravy is prepared of beef or chicken with many spices like red chili, salt, turmeric ,coriander powder, whole spice powder, mint leaves and then the boiled lentils and barley are mixed and beaten until perfectly blended. Shahi Haleem is garnished and served with fried onions, green chili, coriander leaves and eaten with tandoori naans and also enjoyed without naans.

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How to Make Haleem

How to Make Haleem

15 Oct 2019
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