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Afghani Namkeen Boti
Samreen - Kotli Mar 31, 2017
looks very delicious and so I have to dedicate one day cooking to this afghani saltish boti . I will make it for whole day , we will eat lunch and dinner both with this item, and with poori paratha. Afghani cuisines foods are also very tasty.
Afghani Namkeen Boti
Rahila - Mardan Mar 29, 2017
This namkeen boti is very good . Afghani tikka and gosht are also very tasty . I have though not eaten but heard a lot about it. Afghani people eat meat with salt and same with Peshawari meat recipes, they are also meaty.
Afghani Namkeen Boti
Sumbal - Lahore Mar 17, 2017
amazing recipe . It is a nice afghani namkeen boti, it is superb recipe to ensure a spicy taste on your dining table. I will definitely make it and enjoy the spicy taste of this boti. I would like to get more of this kind recipes.


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