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Dawn Bread Club Sandwiches
Nageena - Sahiwal Nov 27, 2017
is it murghi ka gosht or chicken? because you have written murghi ka gosht in the ingredients whereas in the method, you have termed it as gosht. Please clarify so that I could make this sandwich as soon as possible.
Dawn Bread Club Sandwiches
Shireen - Karachi Nov 21, 2017
I have seen once there were a large size. I inquired the concerned person about the availability of that bread , she told me that this bread is available at only 2 bakeries in Karachi. I forgot their name. If I got that bread, I will make club sandwiches with that one to have a new experience.
Dawn Bread Club Sandwiches
Mrs. Khalid - Narowal Nov 13, 2017
Making club sandwich is a bit difficult. In the beginning, I thought that it is very easy , just prepare the filling i.e. chicken, eggs, and tomatoes etc. and place them in the slices. However fixing all these properly is not easy. You need wooden sticks like toothpick sticks to fix them correctly.


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