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Find the latest Ghousia Nalli Biryani menu, discount deal & dishes with updates prices in the current month of October 2023. Ghousia Nalli Biryani is one of the famous resturant in Karachi where you enjoy delicious dishes along with friend & family. Get all the information of Ghousia Nalli Biryani like location, contact number, delivery, dine inn and take away. Also find customer reviews and credit card discount if available.

Ghousia Nalli Biryani Location & Contact Info

Address 2/240, Liaqatabad Commerical Area, Main Sarafa bazarŲŒ Block 6 Liaquatabad Town Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan-74600, Karachi, Pakistan
Contact No +92 300 2106954
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Ghousia Nalli Biryani Latest Deals - Karachi

Single Biryani + Raita + Soft Drink Rs.320 - Rs.440


Special Dishes & Menus

Nalli Biryani
Full Biryani(Raita+Salad+Shaami) Rs.320
Half Biryani(Raita+Salad+Shaami) Rs.230
Simple Biryani(Raita+Salad+Shaami) Rs.180
Raita Rs. 30
Shaami Rs.30
Soft Drink
Simple Biryani
Gulan Jamun

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About Ghousia Nalli Biryani

Ghousia Nalli Biryani is a true delight for biryani enthusiasts. This specialty dish, ghousia nalli biryani, is renowned for its rich and aromatic flavors. The star of ghousia nalli biryani is undoubtedly the succulent nalli, which is tenderly cooked to perfection, creating a melt-in-the-mouth experience. The secret behind ghousia nalli biryani's extraordinary taste lies in its unique blend of spices and the meticulous preparation process. When you savor ghousia nalli biryani, you'll find that each bite is a flavorful journey that encapsulates the essence of this beloved Indian dish.

Ghousia Nalli Biryani Menu

The Ghousia Nalli Biryani menu offers a tantalizing array of culinary delights that revolve around the star of the show - nalli. Ghousia Nalli Biryani menu caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences with its diverse selection of dishes. From the classic Ghousia Nalli Biryani, where tender nalli takes center stage, to a variety of biryani variations that include chicken, mutton, and vegetarian options, this menu promises a memorable dining experience for all biryani enthusiasts. The Ghousia Nalli Biryani menu's commitment to culinary excellence is evident in every dish, making it the ultimate destination for those seeking an unforgettable nalli biryani adventure.

Customer Reviews - Ghousia Nalli Biryani

Best biryani ever must try every one

  • Bisma

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