Peas Stuffed Aubergenes

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1) Aubergine 1 kg
2) Onion 1/2 kg
3) Garlic cloves 10-12
4) Tomato 125 gms
5) Red chilli powder 3 tbsp
6) Peas 1/2 kg
7) Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
8) Coriander (dry) 1 tsp
9) Salt to taste
10) Cumin 1 tsp
11) Pepper (black) 2 or 3
12) Ghee as required
13) Green coriander and mint as required
How to make Peas Stuffed Aubergenes


1. Cut the heads of Aubergines (brinjals) and scoop out the pulp with a sharp knife.
2. Peel onion and cut it into thin rings.
3. Peel off the peas. Grind coriander (dry).
4. In a pot, place tomatoes, onions, dry coriander, turmeric, salt, chillies and a glass of water.
5. Mix well and put the pot on high heat. Add ghee is utilized.
6. Remove the pot from heat and add green coriander and mint in it.
7. In Aubergine fill peas and cover each with the cut piece.
8. Tie a thread on top of each so that peas do not drop out.
9. In a woke add ghee and fry all the aubergines.
10. Now lower the heat and put aubergines on “Dum”.
11. If you want them to be tender, sprinkle water in the pot and remove it from flam when aubergines are as tender as you require.
12. Serve hot.
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