Namkeen Gosht

Namkeen gosht recipe is another way to enjoy mutton. This recipe is mainly considered as a party dish and cooked at certain gatherings and events such as at Eid ul Adha. People dedicate qurbani gosht for this recipe and enjoy it. It gives a salty meat taste which is unique and different with common meat recipes. Find the recipe of salty meat dish below and enjoy it.

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Mutton: 1 kilograms
Green Chilies: 6 pcs (finely chopped)
Onions: 2 pcs large size (finely chopped)
Ginger Garlic Paste: 2 tablespoons
Salt: 1.5 teaspoon
Water: 1 liter
Yogurt: 3/4 kilograms (750 grams)
Cardamoms: 8 pcs large
Cinnamon: 7 sticks
Whole Red Chilies: 12 pcs (round)
Oil: 1/2 cup
Garnishing Items: Green chilies and green coriander leaves
How to make Namkeen Gosht


1. Add mutton, onions, ginger garlic, whole red chilies and all the spices to a deep pan; then add water.
2. Cover the pan with lid and cook for approx. 35 minutes.
3. Now pour oil and stir wholly until oil layer comes on top.
4. Beat yogurt, put on the mutton and close the pan.
5. Cook until mutton becomes tender.
6. Garnish with chilies and coriander.
7. Serve and have with hot naan.

What is Namkeen Gosht?

Peshawari Namkeen gosht is usually cooked in KPK region in Pakistan. The dish originally belongs to tribal areas of Pakistan and then it moved to other areas as well. There are basically three recipes of salty meat famous in the region, Peshawari, Pakistani and Afghani. All these recipes have a slight difference in cooking and in the ingredients. In Pakistan, Peshawari and Pakistani salty meat recipes are the most eaten ones.

Preparing Namkin Gosht Summarized:

Making a Peshawari namkin gosht is easy. First mutton is added with onions, ginger garlic and all other spices along red chilis and water in a pan and covered. Then oil is added, then yogurt and then other spices are added while it is being cooked on a low flame. Though, most of the Pakistani women do not know its recipe therefore it is not commonly cooked in homes as a routine food. On the other hand, women who know to cook it well cook it occasionally and enjoy with whole family.

You can find the recipe as presented above by If during cooking, you have any question, you can ask us about it in the reviews section below.

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Reviews & Comments

I have a special trick to add awesome taste to namkeen gosht recipe which no one else knows. I am making beef & mutton recipes for long time and I know many tips to make foods tasty.

  • Mehram, Nawabshah

i am very excited to taste the namkin gosht dish. i have been hearing about it for long . as i am a passionate foodie, i do visit many restaurants to enjoy new tastes but still i could not find any restaurant for it in my city Hyderabad. if some restaurant offers it , please let me know. thanks.

  • Zubair Adil, Hyderabad

Its very simple to cook namkeen meat, just apply masalas and cook with low flame . you may also use tenderiser powder to tenderise meat as early as possible. becuase some time meat is taken time to tenderise. ...Have a nice lunch.

  • noushaba, karachi

Not eaten this meat dish or karahi whatever, however now planning it. I have read the recipe I need to make sure that can we use beef instead of mutton? or mutton is must to use in the recipe? bcz we eat beef more than mutton.

  • Rabia, Islamabad

I recently ate a namkeen roast , it was served with a boiled salted sweet potato. Roast was tasteless however eating it together with sweet potato brought some taste. Does anyone know how is it eaten and was it the actual saltish roast? I ate it first time so I am not sure I ate right thing or not..

  • Amir Usmani, Karachi