Loki ka halwa Recipe in Urdu

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Loki ka halwa
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لوکی کا حلوا
لوکی ایک کلو
دودھ دو لیٹر
چینی دو کلو
گھی ڈیڑھ پاؤ
کھویا آدھ پاؤ
بالائی ایک پاؤ
زعفران پسی ہوئی ایک چٹکی
سبز الائچی چند عدد
اخروٹ کا مغز ایک چھٹانک
ناریل آدھ چھٹانک
کشمش تقریباً ایک چھوٹی چمچ
بادام کی گری ایک چھٹانک
پستہ دو تولہ
کیوڑہ ایک بڑا چمچ
کدو کو چھیل کر کاٹ لیں بیج الگ کر کے کدوکش کر لیں کھوئے کو ذرہ ذرہ کر کے بالائی میں اچھی طرح پھینٹ لیں کشمش کے پھول جانے تک پانی میں ڈالے رکھیں، پتیلے میں دودھ لوکی، بالائی اور کھویا ڈال کر دھیمی آنچ پر پکنے دیں ۔ دودھ خشک ہونے لگے تو گھی ، سبز الائچی کے دانے پیس کر پسی ہوئی زعفران ، بادام کی گری، مغز اخروٹ ، ناریل کترا ہوا اور کشمش ڈال دیں اور بھونتے جائیں۔ حلوا گھی چھوڑنے لگے تو کیوڑا ڈال کر اتار لیں۔ کچھ دیر ڈھکا رہنے کے بعد طباق میں نکال لیں اور پستہ ، بادام ، اخروٹ چھڑک کر لذت اٹھائیں۔
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Find out the Loki ka halwa Recipe in Urdu this is the most easy and traditional cooking recipe in all the Riwaiti Mithaiyan. Loki ka halwa is very famous in desi people. At KFoods you can find Loki ka halwa and all the urdu recipes in a very easiest way.

Loki ka halwa

Loki ka halwa recipe is one of the best dessert recipes to serve during winters. The gourd is available all the year round easily but in winters, its halwa recipe is mostly made in every household. Loki ka halwa recipe contains simple ingredients like gourd, sugar, milk, cardamom, dry fruits and khoya. The gourd is grated first and then put in the ghee to fry the water. It comes with a nice light green colour. The cardamom also gives it a very nice aroma. Then the sugar is added combined with milk. Continuous stirring enhances the taste of this dessert. Loki Ka Halwa Bottle Gourd is a very popular and traditional sweet dish of Pakistan. It is mostly liked in the winter season and is prepared with grated Lauki, sugar, milk and ghee with some cardamom flavour. It is easy to make with a great taste, now try it.

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Yummy and original recipe. I got great reviews after making it and this was very easy to make also.

  • Aisha, Karachi

Yummy and original recipe. I got great reviews after making it and this was very easy to make also.

  • Aisha, Karachi

December is the time to make loki ka halwa. This recipe is a pure winter recipe as everyone likes loki ka halwa in winters. My mother makes the best loki ka halwa, I will show her this recipe to follow. I hope it will turn out good.

  • Shazia, Multan

I'm going to try this Loki ka halwa. I find this recipe very easy to make. as winters are also coming so I'm looking for some recipes for winters.

  • Bano, Rahimyarkhan

Loki ka halwa is a traditional dessert at my home and my grandmother used to make it. However, after her death, nobody would make it. My mom never made it after her death. I wanted to do something for her on her birthday so I tried this recipe and she loved it! She said it reminded her of grandmother. :)

  • Sarwat, karachi