KFC Hot Shots

KFC hot shot recipe is chicken pieces marinated with spicy ingredients, battered and then finally fried. KFC hotshots are quite popular all over the world owing to its extremely spicy flavour and soft juicy chicken inside the crust. The chicken pieces are marinated with the specific ingredients mentioned in the recipe. They are then dipped and fried after applying the coating of crunchy chips and flakes of corns. The hot and spicy KFC hotshots is a unique recipe originally from an American fast food restaurant chain and now you can also prepare it easily at your home following the recipe is given below. This recipe can be served with ketchup or any hot sauce as a tea time snack. You can dish out the KFC hotshots as a snack along with French fries or with buns and Arabian rice as a main course meal. You can also make KFC hot shots with different kinds of dips and sauces. You can sauté hot shots with mayo garlic sauce which is also a creamy sauce to serve. KFC hotshots are steamed and fried crispy snacks which can be made for children also. KFC hotshots can be cooked with some variation in the recipe but it tastes similar to renowned restaurants. Try this delicious recipe for KFC hotshots and get some appreciation from your people.

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Boneless chicken (cut it in square shape pieces)
Eggs (1 to 2)
Corn flour (4 tb sp)
Maida (4 tb sp)
Vinegar (2 tb sp)
Soya sauce (1 tb sp)
Chilli sauce (1 ½ tb sp)
Black pepper (1/2 tea sp)
Mustard powder (more than ½ tea sp)
White pepper (1 tea sp+1 tea sp)
Garlic cloves (4 to 5: paste or finely chopped)
Salt (1 tea sp or to taste)
Chinese salt (optional)
Chicken cubes (2)
Oil (1 tb sp + for frying)
How to make KFC Hot Shots


Steam the chicken pieces with oil (1 tb sp) + Chinese salt + garlic cloves (4 to 5) + vinegar (2 tb sp) + salt (to taste) + white pepper (1 tea sp) Make mixture in bowl with eggs + chille sauce (1 ½ tb sp) + Soya sauce (1 tb sp) + white pepper (1 tea sp) + black pepper (½ tea sp) + mustard paste (more than ½ tea sp) + Maida (4 tb sp) + corn flour (4 tb sp) + chicken cubes. If this mixture becomes too thick then 2 to 3 tb spoon of milk can be added. Coat the steamed chicken pieces with this mixture, deep fry and serve.
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Sister urdu main samjhao

  • Sajid,

Can we put baking powder together with maida flour and cornmeal?

  • Simon, Brussels

overcooking KFC hotshots can make them dry, I found this because I fried them a little more than needed and they became really dry. Otherwise, the recipe for KFC hotshots is just perfect and amazing.

  • Fatima Khan, Karachi

Who knew the kfc hot shots you eat from the actual franchise would be so easy to make at home? I tried the kfc hot shots recipe for the first time and my sister loved it. Now we always eat it during iftar.

  • Hana Warda, islamabad

wow, this is a great recipe and delicious and spicy recipe I love it and thanks to kfoods.

  • abid ali , hyderabad