Keri ka Murabba

Keri ka murabba is a preserve made for the mango fruit that is made from raw or ripe mangos, however, this keri ka murabba recipe is about raw and chatpatey mangos that are popular among many Pakistanis. This kairi murabba recipe is both tangy and delicious and is very commonly made in old Indian households like Rajasthan and is eaten alongside the main course. Keri ka murabba is traditionally made with sugar, fruits (raw mango) and spices. However, there are also other variations to this recipe, such as mango murabba with jaggery, aam ka guramba, mango murabba recipe gujarati, and aam ka achar.
Aam ka murabba banane ki recipe is available on this page for anyone to view them at any time of the day. To explain more clearly, aam ka murabba recipe in Urdu and aam ka murabba video is also available to home-chefs can gain a better idea of how it is made. Keri ka murabba recipe is not only delicious but the sweetness combined with sourness becomes very addictive, easy to make and extremely lip smacking. Moreover, keri ka murabba is super versatile, meaning it can be easily made into other dishes as well such as desserts or achar. You can preserve keri ka murabba recipe for months in an airtight container inside the refrigerator.

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Raw mango (hard) (Keri) 1 kg
Water 2-1/2 cup
Sugar 750 gm or 3 pao
Green cardamom seeds (hari ilaichi) 1 tbsp
Saffron (zafraan) 1/2 tsp
How to make Keri ka Murabba


Wash raw mangoes very well.
- Peel, grate them and soak in water for 1 hour.
- Then remove from water in strainer and then again put in clean water again.
- Then remove raw mango from water and squeeze out all water from raw grated mango.
- Cook water and sugar till dissolved (its better to use wooden spoon for cooking). Add in grated raw mango. Cook on very slow flame for about 45 minutes. Then add cardamom seeds, when bubbles come on top, add saffron, mix well and remove.

Keri Ka Murabba or Raw Mango Preserve is turns the sour green mangoes into a sweet pleasant dessert. The recipe includes raw mangoes, water, sugar, green cardamom seeds and saffron. Green mangoes are washed, peeled and grated and soaked in the water and then water is squeezed. Then these mango pieces are added into sugar water and then cooked on light flame for around 45 minutes. Then cardamoms are added to enhance the taste. Read step by step instructions above.

You can also prepare Aam ka murabba which is made using ripe sweet mangoes.

Here is the recipe of Aam ka Murabba in Urdu.

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What a wonderful recipe it is to make keri ka murabba………..!!!!! I am just fall in love with its yummy and mouthwatering taste. It was really a great experience of making at home by myself.

  • Haseeba, Hayatpur

I made this murabba for my younger siblings as they are very fond of eating food made from mangoes. Both of them liked it a lot and they were so much happy to see my efforts for them.

  • bisma, Abu dabi

I was searching the internet for the recipe of murabba because its summer season and it’s a season of mangoes. Thank you so much for this superb and outclass recipe.

  • Haleel, faisalabad

My father likes to eat murabba especially in the breakfast so I thought of making it for him. He literally adored it a lot. Thank you so much for the great recipe off murabba

  • shaneezay, danmark

I made this for my sister who lives in America and then I send it to her as there is no such kind of desi food available in America. She really liked it very much. Thank you.

  • Ulfat, Rawalpindi