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2 Kg mutton with bones but for haleem beef is preferred.
3 large onions
2 large garlic (lehsan)
4" ginger(adrak)
4 tsp crushed red chilies(kuTTi hui lal mirch)
4 tsp salt
4 tsp coriander(dhania) powder
3 tsp cumin seeds (safaid/sabat zeera)
4 large red tomatoes
3 cups cracked wheat-Burgul (gandum ka dalia)
3 cups daal channa
3/4 cups daal maash
3/4 cups daal moung
3/4 cups daal masoor
Garam Masala:
4 black cardamoms (kaali/baRi ellaichi)
3 table spoons cumin seeds (sabat/safaid zeera)
3 table spoons black pepper corns(sabat kaali mirch)
12-13 cloves (laung)
3" cinnamon stick(daar chini)
for Garnishing:
cut 6-8 green chilies(hari mirchain bareek kat lain)
chopped green fresh coriander (hara dhania bareek kat lain)
chopped mint leaves (podina k pattay bareek kat lain)
julienne cut fresh ginger (adrak machis ki tarah kat lain)
lemon juice/ slices of lemon
dahi wada masala

How to make Haleem


wash and soak cracked wheat.

\wash and soak daal channa separately.

In another bowl wash and soak rest of the daals together.

Pour good amount of oil in pressure cooker and roast the sliced onions to pink color.

Grind ginger and garlic in the grinder with ½ cup of water.

To grind the garam masala, put only the seeds of black cardamom, break the cinnamon stick and put these in the grinder along with cumin seeds,cloves and whole black pepper and grind these to a powder.

When onion become pink then add meat and ginger,garlic and rest of spices don't add ground garam masala yet.

As meat is in large quantity so only 1-1½ cups of water will be enough,so now add water and give pressure for 3 times longer than normally you give to cook meat.

Put tomatoes in a sauce pan with very little water and put on low heat with cover on,until their kin shows cracks; remove and peel them.

Put daal channa with lots of water in a pressure cooker and let it cook under pressure.

Put daal channa with lots of water in a pressure cooker and let it cook under pressure.

In yet another pot put rest of all the daals together for cooking.

Meanwhile when meat is cooked in the pressure cooker and its nice and tender remove big bones, the small bones will settle in the bottom of the pot, add peeled tomatoes and some green chilies in meat.

If the pot is small shift the meat in a bigger pot before adding the daals and the cracked wheat.

Add cracked wheat and rest of daals and channa daal as well and mix well.

Add boiling water so that every thing can cook together,cook for approximately another half an hour.

Add garam masala and check the taste for salt and spices.

Slice the onion thinly and fry in oil,when fried remove from oil and spread them on a dish to get crispy. onion will be used for garnishing and oil will be used for tarka on haleem.

Cut ginger in match stick shape and cut fresh coriander and green chilies for garnishing.

Use hand blender to blend the haleem.

For tarka pour the hot oil left after frying the onions on haleem.

Serve after adding lemon juice and garnish with fried onions, julienne cut ginger,green corriander, green chilies and mint leaves and dahi bara masala.. whatever you wish to add.

Important Notes:
In reply to one query Bajia mentioned in the commentbox of the video that if you don't have time to cook haleem in one day, cook the cracked wheat and daals on one day and next day cook meat and finish rest of cooking of haleem.
Posted By: Qirat Fatima, Karachi

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