Gol Gappa

Oh yeah, today we are going to learn delicious gol gappay recipe which is a extremely famous Pakistani snack. Golgappa is also known as pani puri. We have got a recipe for making gol gappay at home by by Pakistan's famous chef Shireen Anwar.

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For Gol Gappa:
• Semolina 1 cup
• All purpose flour ½ cup
• White lentils ground 2 tbsp
• Club soda for kneading the dough
• Oil for deep frying
For Filling:
• Potato 1 cup boiled
• Bondi (small gram flour dumplings) 2 cups
For Sour Water:
• Mint leaves ½ bunch
• Green chillies 3
• Water 1 liter
• Tamarind pulp ½ cup
• Roasted coriander powder 1 tsp
• Roasted cumin powder 1 tbsp
• Chilli powder ½ tsp
• Salt ½ tsp
• Ginger 2 tbsp chopped
• Lemon juice 3 tbsp
How to make Gol Gappa


1. For Sour Water: In a blender put together ginger, mint leaves, green chilies and blend to a fine paste.
2. Mix in water with tamarind pulp, lemon juice, roasted cumin, roasted coriander powder, chili powder and salt, mixes well.
3. The water should be tangy and spicy. Strain water and keep in the fridge to chili or add ice and use.
4. For Gol Gappa: In bowl mix together semolina, flour, white lentil, knead with club soda to from stiff dough.
5. Keep aside for 30 minutes, and then knead once again.
6. Make marbles size balls with little oil on your hands, roll out into puri with a rolling pin, secure between two layers of wet cloth, roll out all of them and leave aside for 10 minutes.
7. Deep fry on medium heat till they puff up, reduce heat and fry till crisp.
8. To Assemble: Puncture the Gol gappa with tip of your thumb, add 1 tsp of filling and top it with the sour water, if you like it a little sweet add little sweet tamarind or plum chutney before adding the water.

Gol gappay is liked by everyone especially it's a favorite of women. Served with sour spicy water, it wouldn't finish your desire but you will ask for more. It's so famous that you would find Gol Gappay sellers at every second or third street in Pakistan and India.

Gol Gappay - The Famous Asian Snack:

In addition to trying gol gappay recipe at home, here is some important read about 'golgappa' as an Asian snack.
Gol Gappa or Panipuri or Pani Ke bataashe is a delightful and highly popular street snack in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Gol Gappa Pic:

gol gappa recipe pic

It's English name is "Crisp Sphere Eaten". It is a round hollow sphere filled with flavored sour water (usually tamarind water/chutney) and several other ingredients like onions, chickpeas, potatoes and chili etc. It is made with a size that could be easily fit wholly into eater's mouth, however at some vendors make it extra small or extra large to make it more interesting for people to eat.

Golgappa in Pakistan and India:

Regular gol gappa is inserted whole piece into one's mouth while large size gol gappay are eaten with spoon. Streets of several Asian cities are famous to feature the spicy Gol Gappay snacks. If you visit streets of Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Dhaka, Chittagong, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chandigarh, you would find lots of stalls selling the Panipuri or Gol Gappa mostly in the evenings.

Different Names of Gol Gappay:

We follow gol gappay recipe very eagerly however it is interesting to know different names used to call this snack. Gol Gappa refers to the crisp sphere which means Gol in Urdu which is put in mouth and eaten which means Gappa in Urdu. The term 'Pani' refers to Water in English and 'Puri' refers to a bread which is deep fried in oil. In Pakistan, Kashmir and North India, it is known as 'Gol Gappa' while it is known as 'Batasha' in Uttar Pradesh in India. In Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Bangladesh, it is known as Phuchka. In Odisha, Hyderabad Deccan and South Jharkhand, it is called Gup Chup.

Similarly, gol gappay recipe has different names in other regions like Pani Pataase recipe in Madhya Pradesh, Gup-Chup recipe in Chhattisgarh and Pakodi recipe in Gujrat and Kutch.

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Soo yum golgapay is my favorite dish

  • Khulood,

nice recipe..

  • palak,

let's enjoy golgappa with me, i will make it myself on upcoming holidays. Any girl near Sahiwal can join me for friendship and to enjoy gol gappas of my hands. I make other snacks as well one by one and enjoy with friends and family.

  • Samina, Sahiwal

Hey please tell me what do we call gol gappy in English? I have set a bet with my friend , she told me some name like "sphere" , I didn't remember exactly. But I told her that I would tell the exact and correct name which doesn't start with the word "sphere".

  • Ramsha, Rahim Yar Khan

It is my favorite snack. I like eating it along some chickpeas chaat etc. It gives a wonderful experience that is why I sometimes even skip my dinner and eat these kinds of snacks. Mom rebukes me but I still enjoy these favorite things of mine.

  • Deeba, Sukkur