Fresh Fruit Salad

Salads add delight and value to meals. Get a perfect recipe of fruit salad here and enhance the delight of your main course. You would rate it over vegetable salads. Try it.

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4 slices fresh pineapple
2 cups whole fresh strawberries
honey or sugar
1 cup heavy cream; whipped.
How to make Fresh Fruit Salad


1-Sprinkle slices of pineapple with sugar or honey and let stand at least 2 hours to absorb sweetness.
2-Halve whole fresh berries, sprinkle with honey or sugar and let stand to absorb sweetness and draw out juice.
3-Just before serving, mound strawberries on each pineapple slice and top with whipped cream.
4-Sliced bananas may also be combined with strawberries, but remember sprinkle with lemon and chopped fresh mint to preserve color; do not sweeten.

Fruits are sweet, juicy and delicious. They double the enjoyment of having a meal. In fact, presence of fruits complete the meal. Fruits can be served in different ways. Either serve them after the meal as sweet or prepare a salad and serve along the meal. Whether you enjoy a curry dish or a platter of rice, salad of mixed fruits would work awesome. Learn to make an easy fruits salad with the recipe given here. Make a salad now and enhance the joys of your foods.

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