Creamy Fruit Salad

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creamy fruit salad
Apple juice 6 tbs
Apples 2 (crisp eating ones)
(cored and chopped but not skinned)
Banana 1 (large sliced)
Oranges 2 (peeled, segmented and roughly chopped)
Pineapple half (diced)
pomegranet 1 cup
Whipping Cream 1 packet
sugar 4 table spoon
Grapes (halved and de-seeded) as required
Strawbery jelly 1 packet cook and set in cubes
salt pinch
pepper pinch
How to make Creamy Fruit Salad


Place fruits in to a bowl.
Saturate with the apple juice
Add salt and pepper
mix it well
Whip the cream until stiff and fold with fruits
Spread jelly cubes & mix
Chill before serving.
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