Orient Lawn Collection 2015

Latest Lawn prints for summer & spring is presented by "Orient Lawn Collection 2015", design ideas and fabric quality is satisfied and prices are also fine for purchasing. There are too many latest designs are introducing for summer and springs 2015 by Orient Textiles at KFoods

Orient Lawn Collection 2015
Posted By: Nasra Noreen Multan 3 Comments 8891 Views In Dress Designs
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Dear , is this orient lawn coming these days because I didn't see any thing about orient in 2016 . I have seen only their 2015 designs , nothing else. I found their designs quite beautiful but irony , no latest collection found. Are they working or vanished from the industry??

  • Obaid Asif, Lahore
  • Aug 01, 2016

Where can I find out more designs of orient lawns ? I can see just a few designs here whereas in order to make my order , I need to purchase a beautiful lawn but first I wanna see colors and designs available for their 2016 collection. Do you have?

  • Sumbul Zameer, Rawalpindi
  • Jul 14, 2016

I have seen this name on glory store and the fabric is really fine and soft. the price is little bit high and it is not in my budget but i will try my best to buy it.

  • Javeria, Karachi
  • Mar 17, 2015