Juicy Fruit Chaat Recipe

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Banana 4
Guava 2
Grapes 1 cup
• PineApple 1 cup
Apple 1 cup
Papaya 1 cup
Orange juIce 1 glass
• Black Salt ½ tsp
• Black pepper ½ tsp
• Caster Sugar 2 tsp
Lemon juIce 4 tbsp

How to make Juicy Fruit Chaat


1. In a bowl mix together orange juice, black salt, black pepper, caster sugar and lemon juice.
2. Add banana cut into slices, guava, grapes, pineapple chunks, apple and papaya cut into cubes.
3. Serve chilled.

Posted By: Mehwish, karachi

Recipe of juicy fruit chaat is almost like the standard recipe of fruits chat however additionally, orange and lemon juices are added in order to create juiciness. This chaat tastes better than other chaats as with its each bite, fresh juice welcomes your tongue. Also fruits remain soaked in the juice and therefore absorbing the juice, they get even tastier. It's suitable for iftar, after dinner, evening or to be used on other different occasions.

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Reviews & Comments (4)

Babr - Islamabad Mar 09, 2017
My one favorite recipe is juicy fruit chaat which is very tasty. I have to enjoy many other foods that belong to iftar items category. I will pick the best dishes from this category and will make them one by one.
Shiri - Sialkot Jun 06, 2016
very lovely chaat definitely as its picture shows. You should add more fruits in the bowl to make it more delicious and energetic. I would like to use more fruits than what you have listed. I had no idea to use black salt and got it from your recipe. I think it will be very nice to enjoy.
Khursheed Bala - Lahore Jun 02, 2015
without juice, it is dry and doesn't feel like a very good one. I like juicy but here is a problem. Since this is summer seasons, how come we may get oranges to get its juice?
Nasra Nadeem - Rohri May 12, 2014
So sweet! its not a expensive dish and easy to make

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Juicy fruit chaat is a very tasty form of standard fruit chaat recipe. With every bite you take, there is a burst of aromatic fruit syrup which makes this chaat very delicious. Serve it at iftar or after dinner, it will rock.


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