Mustard sauce Meaning in English

Mustard sauce refer to a sauce prepared by mixing mustard, vinegar, salt, Red chili pepper , sugar, and flour. This is a thick yellowish-brown paste with a sharp taste made from the ground seeds of a mustard plant (white or yellow mustard. A strong mustard sauce can cause the eyes to water, sting the palate and inflame the nasal passages. It can also cause allergic reaction. One of the factors that determines the strength of a prepared mustard is the temperature of the water, vinegar, or other liquid mixed with the ground seeds: hotter liquids are more hostile to the strength-producing compounds. Thus, hot mustard is made with cold water, while using hot water results in milder mustard. This pungent sauce is great for the bold taster. This sauce can be served as salad dressing or with fish and chicken. Use as an alternative to regular ketchup and top sandwiches and croquettes.


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