Wazan Barhanay Ka Totkay

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Wazan Barhanay Ka Totkay
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وزن بڑھانے کا طریقہ :
پانچ کھجوریں روزانہ رات ایک پیالے میں بھگودیں صبح اُن کی گٹھلیاں نکال کر ایک گلاس دودھ میں کھجوریں شامل کرکے ملک شیک بنا لیں صبح صبح ضرور پی لیاکریں ۔انشاءاللہ وزن بڑھنا شروع ہو جائے گا ۔

This is a wonderful and simple method for weight gain; remember this method (wazan badhane ka tarika in Urdu) and start acting upon it.

There are many people wish to loss their weight but there are some of us who want to gain weight to look handsome. Here is a tip of Wazan Barhanay Ka Totkay by zubaida tariq that help you to gain some healthy weight.

Wazan Barhany Ka Tarika

(Translated in English)

  • Take 5 dates and soak in a cup of water overnight.

  • Next morning, remove their seeds and add those dates to the milk.

  • Grind well together to make it's milkshake.

  • Take this shake everyday in the morning.

  • It will help you gain weight significantly.

Healthy Weight Gain Tips | Wazan Badhane Ka Tarika

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Reviews & Comments

bhht shukria mjy is tip ki bht zarorat thi jo apny post kardi kunky mara wazan bht kam ha or ma brhna chata hn ab ma isyh try karoga thanks kfoods

  • irfan ghanchi, Feb 28, 2018

khajoor shake is although very powerful but it has a very very sweet taste and because of it i prefer eating dates with hands. and drink milk separately. I have gained some weight in past a month and I will continue the same practice for gaining more weight.

  • Ozair, Apr 18, 2017

Hi mai apna wazan barhana chahti hoon, maine suna hai keh kele or anjeer khane se wazan barhta hai, kiya ye baat sach hai? mujhe diet plan bhi bata dijiye taakeh mai apna wazan effectively barha sakoon or meri personality behter ho jaye.

  • Hamida Ansari, Mar 21, 2017