Tip to Keep Ginger & Garlic Paste Fresh

Tip to Keep Ginger & Garlic Paste Fresh
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ادرک اور لہسن کو ایک بلینڈر میں شامل کریں اور ساتھ ہی تھوڑا سا پانی شامل کرکے پیسٹ بنالیں۔ جب پیسٹ بن جائے تو اس میں دو کھانے کے چمچ (حسب منشاء) سرکہ، دوکھانے کے چمچ کوکنگ آئل شامل کرکے دوبارہ بلینڈ کریں۔

Every household women has a concern that how to keep ginger garlic paste fresh. Chef Asad is telling the KFoods.com readers some tips for this problem. In the video he tells a couple of additional steps while preparing the paste which will keep the paste from becoming greenish with an awkward taste.
Watch the video and learn the tip.

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Thanks, this is a great tip to keep ginger and garlic fresh. I have to use its paste in every cooking and it is a thing that we have to keep every time in the kitchen. Sometimes we have to store it for long time. Chef asad is really nice expert.

  • Uroosa, Mar 17, 2017

Blend the ginger and garlic together with a little water into a paste. Then add 2 tablespoon each of vinegar and oil respectively and blend again. Transfer to glass bottle. Put in the refrigerator

  • Nelofar, Nov 29, 2016

Very sorry to say that none of the totkays are in English, please please print them in English for people who don't read any Urdu, it would be of much help to all of us. Thanks.

  • Mrs. Anthony, Nov 21, 2016