Nazla Zukam Or Khansi ka Behtareen Nuskha

Nazla Zukam Or Khansi ka Behtareen Nuskha
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کھانسی ،نزلہ زکام کی صورت میں ادرک انتہائی موثر ثابت ہوتی ہے۔ اسکے لیے ایک کپ پانی میں تازہ ادرک کا چھوٹا ٹکڑا ڈال کر ابال لیں،پھر اسمیں چاٰئے کا ایک چمچہ شھد ملادیں اور گرم گرم پئیں۔
آپ ادرک کی چائے بھی تیار کر سکتے ہیں۔ چائے کی پتی ڈالنے سے قبل ادرک کے چد ٹکڑے کچل کر پانی میں ڈال دیں۔ اور پی لیں۔
کالی کھانسی ہوا کی نالی میں تنگی کے لیے دو کپ پانی میں پسی ہوئی ادرک دو چمچ ابالنے کے لیے رکھدیں پھر ہر دو گھنٹے بعد گرم گرم استعمال کرے۔
نزلہ زکام:
دار چنینی پئیں، کینو کا رس پئیں، زعفران کو کھجور کے ساتھ ملا کر کھائین، سونٹھ کی چائے پی لیں ، لونگ چبالیں یا چائے میں ڈال کر پئیں

Nazla, Zukam Or Khansi ka Behtareen Nuskha - Flu and cough are the common winter problem and normally we use some different sort of home remedies to prevent our self from these common winter disease. However here are some tested tips that really help you to be healthy and active during winter.

Best remedy for cough, rheum and flu

Ginger has been a very useful remedy for curing cough, rheum and flu.
Take one cup water, put a small piece of fresh ginger into it and boil it. Then add one teaspoon honey and take it warm.
You can also make the ginger tea to get rid of cough and flu. While making the tea, take some pieces of ginger, grind them and add into the boiling water before you add the tea mixture. This will also help reduce your cough.
For black cough or sore windpipe, take two tablespoon ground ginger and two mugs of water. Add them and place on stove for boiling. Take the warm boiled solution every two hours.

Flu and Rheum:

Drink cinnamon water, orange juice, take saffron with dates, take dried ginger tea or chew couple of cloves or take with tea.

Flu And Cough Home Remedy | Nazla Zukam Ka Gharelu Ilaj

In Health Tips and Totkay section you can check Nazla Zukam Or Khansi ka Behtareen Nuskha in most easiest way. Find Nazla Zukam Or Khansi ka Behtareen Nuskha in urdu totkay only at kfoods. At this page you can find Nazla Zukam Or Khansi ka Behtareen Nuskha totka in details also check the relevant totkay in Urdu of Nazla Zukam Or Khansi ka Behtareen Nuskha.

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Stay home and get plenty of rest. Mind your flu manners. Drink plenty of fluids. Make sure you get more liquids. Treat aches and fever. Got fever? Take care of your cough.

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Seems an easy and effective for cough totka to treat cough and cold. Nowadays, there is cold at night and if you don't take a cloth while sleeping and run the fan fast, you might get ill. First do precautions, and if you get cold or flu, then try a homemade remedy. Keep honey, ginger and basic things at home.

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Mere baete ko garmi main nazla khansi or balghum bar bar hota hae medicine se bhi fadq nhi prta kya kroon wo thandi cheezain bhi use nhi krta 4 years ka hae

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