Lauki Juice for Weight Loss

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Lauki Juice for Weight Loss
Posted By: Nusrat Shah 86709 Views 4 Comments Oct 26, 2017

وزن کم کرنے کے لئے لوکی کو چھیل کر اس کے ٹکڑے کرلیں ۔
اس کو ایک پتلی میں شامل کریں اور اس میں ایک گلاس پانی شامل کرکے کالی مرچ ، دو سے تین عدد ، زیرہ ، نمک ، دو سے تین عدد کڑی پتے شامل کرکے ایک اُبال آنے تک پکائیں ۔
پھرلوکی بلینڈ کرکے اس کا جوس روزانہ صبح پئیں ، انشاءاللہ آپ کی وزن میں کمی ہوگی ۔

bottle gourd juice for weight loss | homemade healthy drink for weight loss

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Reviews & Comments

Hi, how does it taste? I wanna make sure it gives a nice taste because really I cannot drink bitter or strange taste juice things. My friend also advised me to have the drink of bitter gourd daily in the morning but I didn't take it because it was very bitter.

  • Sameena, Nov 17, 2017

nice great juice. Once I brought kilograms of bottle gourd, I made several recipes with it such as lauki halwa, lauki kababs but that time I was not aware of this juice. Since I also need something to lose my weight, I will try this juice.

  • Ashfaq, Apr 18, 2017

Hi, this is the first time, I have seen lauki juice for the first time, and believe me I didn't know if a bottle gourd can be used to make a juice. Now I know it, I will make the juice and drink regularly to lose my weight.

  • Muddassir, Mar 21, 2017