How to Make Yogurt at Home !

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How to Make Yogurt at Home !
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دودھ کو نیم گرم کیجئے اور جس برتن میں جمانا ہے اس میں تھوڑا اوپر سے دودھ ڈالیں تاکہ جھاگ بن جائے تو تھوڑا دہی لے کے دودھ میں مکس کر کے کسی ایس جگہ پہ رکھیں جہا ں یہ ہلے نہ۔

How to make yogurt at home? This post is the answer. Here you can find an easy recipe for yogurt in Urdu and English languages. Everyone in the home eats yoghurt happily. It can be eaten not only with spoon but also be used for making different kinds of other foods. In fact, it is a must part of many different food dishes such as lassi, some fruit smoothies, korma, hunter beef and in many other dishes. Children also like to eat flavored yogurt like strawberry and banana yoghurt.
Sometimes, it is not possible to go to market and buy some kilogram of yogurt. In that case, you can try a homemade yogurt recipe. A complete method for making it at home is given in this post.

Yogurt is a basic need of every home. Milk, yogurt, butter and ghee, all these dairy products are part of staple foods in Pakistan in which milk and yogurt has the largest consumption ratio. Though, it can be bought from a milk shop or a grocery store but some people prefer to make yogurt at home. If I needed a yogurt, I would for the second option: homemade. Since, it is an essential household product, it is needed everyday in the kitchen. You can also make it yourself. Just follow the instructions and prepare it yourself.

Yogurt is a superb resource of calcium it also has vitamin B and protein that helps to keeps the body cool, aids in digestion and is a well known beauty aid. Curd is considered a wonderful beauty aid as it does wonders to your hair and skin.

Milk - 500 ml
Curd/ Plain Yogurt from previous batch as a starter - 2 tsp
1. Boil milk in a pan and switch off. Leave it to cool. Let it become lukewarm.
2. When it is lukewarm, (just dip you little finger to check the temperature) add 2 tsp of curd and mix well. Alternatively you can pour milk for one container to another 2-3 times so that the curd mixes well with the milk. Then transfer the milk into a container with lid. Keep a separate container for making curd. You can also set curd in individual cups as shown in the picture above.
3. Leave the container undisturbed in a warm place for 5-6 hours. The curd will set within 5-6 hours under favorable conditions.
Refrigerate once the curd sets. It becomes firm after 2-3 hours of refrigeration. If you leave the curd outside for a long time, it will become sour.

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nice tip. it is very easy now i can. what about it's cream. i need to make fresh cream for using in my kitchen.

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