chicken sandwiches Recipe

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2 pieces of Chicken breasts
4 spoons of mayonise
2 green chilies
1 onion
Salt as per taste
Burger Buns
slIced Tomatoes
slIced Onions slIced Cucumbers
2 table spoon of Oil
Garlic paste half Teaspoon
Ginger paste half Teaspoon

How to make chicken sandwiches


in a pan heat oil and add ginger and garlic paste put the chicken pieces in the pan and cook for four minutes or its cooked
take it of the heat and let it stand to cool
cut the onion in 8 pieces and put it in a chopper add green chillies mayonise cooled chicken pieces salt as per taste and grind it so its not a paste and nor in
big chunks
warm the burger buns in slight oil both sides
spread the chicken paste on the bun add lettuce cucumber and sliced onion


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Reviews & Comments (4)

Afaq - Karachi Mar 24, 2017
You should add more variations of chicken sandwiches recipe such there are many variations in Chicken Recipes. Thanks for the cooperation and post more recipes.
Zubaida Anwar - Karachi Jun 16, 2015
I like chicken sandwiches but those with a thin bread or bun and with more amount of the chicken filling. As if bun is thicker and chicken or whatever filling is lower in amount then it won't taste as expected. Bun's taste would take on the delicious taste of the meat. That's the reason, I do not like sandwiches from bakeries. First of all, I don't believe the hygiene of outside foods and secondly they are always using tactics to lower their costs.
Munira - Karachi Jun 11, 2015
it looks very yummy very tasty. i like those recipes in which chicken is more filled than bun or slices so that chicken taste comes completely.
aneela - lahore Aug 12, 2010
ohhh yummy recipe i like sooo mch plz tell me some pasta,noodles recipe

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chicken sandwiches Recipe in English is an easy and traditional cooking recipe to prepare at home. It provides you an awesome taste of Chicken Recipes.


Chicken Sandwich Recipe Step by Step

Chicken Sandwich Recipe Step by Step

29 Jun 2015
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