Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa (Gram Lentils Halva) Recipe

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Gram lentils/ chana daal ½ kg
Sugar 2, ½ cup or to taste
Green Cardamom 8
Full Cream dry Milk powder 2 cup
Almond chopped 10
Pistachio chopped 15
Ghee/Oil 2, ½ cup
Sugar 1 tsp
Walnut chopped as required
Solidified Milk (Khoya/mawa) as required

How to make Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa (Gram Lentils Halva)


Wash gram lentil with lukewarm water and boil in sufficient water till tender.

Cool and grind.

Heat ghee or oil in a wok, add in ground mixture of green cardamoms and sugar.

Fry well till golden in color.

Now add ground gram lentils and fry well.

Then add in sugar.

Cook till sugar melts, then add dry milk powder and chopped walnut, fry well.

Cook till ghee starts to separate.

Spread mixture in a greased serving dish.

Garnish with solidified milk, chopped almond and pistachios.

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Mahek - Multan Mar 07, 2017
I have always followed chanay ki daal ka halwa (gram lentils halva) recipe by chef Tahira Mateen. She has great collection of cooking foods and recipes. But now I want more cake recipes but all these are not provided by Tahira so which chef has all these recipes?

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i love this


How to Make Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa Recipe

How to Make Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa Recipe

11 Feb 2019
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