Caramel Fruit Chaat Recipe

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Sugar – ½ cup
Almond – 25g
To make caramel, cook Sugar with Almond till it turn in to golden colour and all the Sugar melts. Then put this mixture in Greased oven pan, when it is cool and firm then crush it.
Ingredients for chaat:
Cold Cream – 2 packets 2 cup
Jelly – 1 packet
Grapes- 1 cup
Bananas – 4 cut in
PineApple – 1 cup
Ground Sugar – ½ cup
Mango – 1 cup
Vanilla Essence – ½ tsp

How to make Caramel Fruit Chaat


Beat cream, sugar and vanilla essence. Now cut all the fruits and add in cream mixture. Then add jelly chunks, and garnish with caramel pieces and serve cold.

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Farwah - Lala Musa Mar 12, 2017
Is caramel fruit chaat suitable to have in the month of Feb? Because my mom says that some special recipes should be eaten in certain season seeing the whether. You must be food experts and you can better tell me.

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