Which Fruits to Eat in October Season?

1. Anar (Pomegranate Benefits)

Anaar is also termed as Jannat Ka Phal. It is often told that Anar fruit contains healing for many diseases.
So when it is the season of pomegranate, eat it wholeheartedly!
Read Some Amazing Benefits of Anar Fruit in Urdu.

2. Papita (Papaya Benefits)

Papita is well known for its benefits for stomach. It is very good for heart, cholesterol, acne, skin and blood.
It keeps certain diseases at the bay!
Read about papaya benefits in Urdu in detail.

3. Pear (Nashpati Benefits)

Nashpati is available in Pakistan from September to December. This sweet fruit starts coming in September and available in October at full scale. It is a heart-friendly fruit, comes with beauty benefits as well. Stops aging symptoms, keeps skin fresh and it's shampoo is very good for hair.
Read benefits of pear fruit in Urdu here

4. Kaila (Banana Benefits)

Kaila is though available whole year but this is the time when it comes fresh and ripe with ideally sweet taste.
Banana contains many nutrients like potassium, fiber and vitamin B and C.
Know Amazing Benefits of Banana Fruit in Urdu Here

5. Saib (Apple Benefits)

Apple is a robust source of iron to the body. Apple is known for many benefits and the saying 'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away! is based on facts.
Get to know here which diseases it saves us from!

Explore the top 5 mouthwatering fruits to eat in October season.

If we divide an year into seasons, we get 4: Winter, summer, autumn and spring. All are filled with beautiful blessings of ALLAH SWT.

Since this is month of October which lies in Autumn season, we are going to discuss top 5 fall fruits to enjoy this month.

Autumn Fruits List.

  • Anar - Pomegranate
  • Papita - Papaya
  • Pear - Nashpati
  • Kaila - Banana
  • Saib - Apple

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