Miswak vs Toothbrush: Benefits and Comparison

Doing a comparison between miswak and toothbrush would suggest that miswak is better than toothbrush. There are reasons for it and we will discuss them as well.

Miswak or Miswaak (The Prophet's (P.B.U.H) toothbrush) is a wooden brush stick taken from some trees like Peelu, Mustard and Arak. It stands out better than toothbrush due to undeniable facts. First of all, it is sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Additionally, as miswak filaments keep falling, it does not let germs accumulate and on the contrary, toothbrushes are found to have germs sit even after a little use.

Scientific researches also recount the benefits of miswak. And there is not just a single one but lots of. Explore more about the comparison of using toothbrush vs miswak and its benefits for mouth and gums.

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