Top 7 Teeth Friendly Foods You Should Add in Your Diet

Foods Good for Teeth hereby presents some of the best foods for your teeth that you should consider including into your everyday diet. Like a good boy, you would have been brushing and flossing regulary to prevent cavity and tarter however there are some foods good for teeth strength and safety from germs and diseases. Today, you would know the best foods for healthy teeth and make them part of your daily routine. These foods actually neutralize acids and provide minerals and ultimately help the teeth in being safe and smiling good.

Here are the Top 7 Foods for Better Teeth.

1. Milk

Drinking milk regularly will strengthen and repair tooth enamel, as well as fortify your bones. If you are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant, you can drink soy milk that is fortified with calcium as an alternative.

Drink milk regularly as it helps repair tooth enamel and strengthen bones. Also make your children drink it everyday for a strong growth of teeth and bones.

2. Apple

Apples increase saliva in mouth which saves teeth from cavity and tarter. Apples do contain lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which other than teeth are also helpful to your overall health. It is an ideal food for better teeth as it not only supports the health of teeth but also keeps the doctor away from you.

Eat an apple everyday whichever time it suits you.

3. Yogurt

Low fat yogurt provides calcium and proteins which are crucial nutrients for the teeth health. Eat yogurt everyday with meal and let it help you for your dream teeth. However, always choose the yogurt which is of low fat and sugar.

Add some sort of berries such as strawberries to yogurt for pleasant taste. You can also take yogurt smoothie for the purpose.

4. Water

Water plays a cardinal role for teeth health. Water is the main ingredient in saliva which supplies the required minerals to your teeth. Water helps remove food particles from the teeth. Besides being the basic necessity for life, it is also the best food for better teeth. Water also helps keep the gums hydrated as well as prevents your teeth from decay by reinforcing the tooth enamel. Drink water regularly as it is not just a basic necessity for life but also a wonder thing for the teeth too.

5. Oranges

Did you know oranges provide us with vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium and many other nutrients that play vital role for good teeth health. Orange juice eliminates bad bacteria off your mouth and save you from expected tooth decay problem.

Eat oranges or drink its juice regularly in the season, however remember to brush your teeth after drinking its juice.

6. Nuts

Nuts are wonderful things. They not only help your overall health but also provide your teeth with essential minerals. Make a habit of eating peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts and more. You know peanuts are rich in calcium and vitamin D. Similarly, walnuts are good in fiber, iron, potassium and vitamin E that are always good for teeth health.

7. Teas

Let it be a cup of green or black tea, both are helpful for teeth. Both kinds of teas contain polyphenols which fight the bacteria in your mouth and ultimately hold them from producing acids that are harmful for teeth. Both teas also contain elements that fight cavities and so save your teeth from accumulating tarter and cavity. Drink two cups of any of these teas regularly and keep strengthening your teeth.

Note: You can use honey for sweetening the tea cup.

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Did you know about foods good for teeth? has compiled a list of 7 foods that are good for your teeth. If you want stronger, healthier and shinier teeth, consider using these foods regularly. We always have been looking for nutritional foods, weight loss foods and others but not ever considered foods that can help us gain healthy teeth and gums. Read about all these and you would know which fruits, dairy products and drinks are best foods for tooth enamel and how.

Let's read about these 7 teeth friendly foods to eat in your life.

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Top 7 Teeth Friendly Foods You Should Add in Your Diet

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