Best Biryani in Karachi - Top 7 Places to Go

1. Student Biryani

Student Biryani

Student biryani is a very famous biryani brand in Karachi. Now it has many branches in the metropolis including Saddar, Garden, Gulshan e Iqbal, North Karachi, Cantt. Station and more. Restaurant is also securing international presence by opening branches in Dubai.

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2. Biryani Centre

Biryani Centre Karachi

Biryani Center is obviously a big biryani name in Karachi. Starting from Defence area in Karachi, now they have several other branches in different areas of the city. Taste is undoubtedly awesome. Karachi people can choose it a perfect place to dine out.

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3. Karachi Foods

Karachi Foods Restaurant

Situated at Nursery Karachi, Karachi Foods is an ideal place for people who commute to Shahrah e Faisal or adjacent areas. Plan visiting the restaurant some day in lunch hour and enjoy the superb taste of biryani. (They have another branch at I.I. Chundrigar Road.)

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4. Premier Biryani

Premier Biryani

Premier Biryani is also considered in top biryani points in Karachi. They also serve haleem with a decent taste. Situated at Main Rashid Minhas Road and Gulshan e Iqbal, Premier Biryani is worth visiting to eat out for tasting a lovable biryani.

5. Daily Dubai Restaurant

Daily Dubai Karachi

If you want to enjoy a scrumptious biryani in a peaceful cool environment and wouldn't mind having some sweets and side dishes along, Daily Dubai Restaurant should be your next dine out place. Located in Defence Karachi, it has a good variety of foods and beverages.

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6. Food Centre

Food Centre Burns Road

Food Centre is located at Burns Road, the busiest food street of Karachi. Food Centre is capacitative with proper family sitting area. Would be a good choice to enjoy a tasteful biryani in a relaxed environment.

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7. Pukar Foods

Pukar Foods Karachi

Pukar Foods is a well-known biryani at Shahrah e Faisal area. Pukar's biryani is good in taste and competes well with other Biryani sellers in the area. People at work often suggest to call Pukar to deliver biryani by 1:00 for lunch.

Location and Contact Details of Pukar Foods

Today, we are going to explore top 7 Karachi biryani restaurants with best tastes and environments. If you live in Karachi and you did not happen to eat any of these biryanis, you ate nothing. Taste of Karachi biryanis is not just limited to Karachi but it is popular till beyond the border of Pakistan. Lahore, Hyderabad, KPK and even if you go to Dubai, you cannot find the matching taste. People outside Karachi miss the delish they once found in Karachi while enjoy some sort of chicken biryani.

As biryaani is a favorite dish of Karachiites, the most restaurants you would find in the metropolitan feature various varieties of chicken biryanis like Sindhi biryani, white biryani, prawn, mutton and beef biryanis. The oldest and the most famous restaurant is Student biryani Karachi. We are telling you more about Student Biryani plus the top 7 biryani places in Karachi where you must visit for enjoying the delicious tastes of biryani recipes of Karachi.

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Just try Haji Biryani in New Town Karachi.

  • aliimaad, Karachi
  • Dec 29, 2016

None of them qualify as good biryani. Food Centre, Student Biryani, Karachi food have worst in the town. Go visit 'The White Birynai' at DHA Phase-6 or Boat Basin, the only good biryani I have experienced so far in Karachi.

  • Ammar, Karachi
  • Oct 09, 2016

Plz send recipe of chkin krai

  • Muhmmad nawaz, makkah
  • Oct 21, 2015

mujhe buhat pasand aai men karachi pakistan sa hon magar job saudi arbia men karta hon juma ki chuti hoti hai ham sab dost ikhte hote hen to men apny doston ka ley kuhd baryani banta hon

  • zahid iqbal ansaari, jeddah saudi arbia
  • Oct 19, 2015

i like biryanis of karachi. some restaurants I already have been to. I like mostly food centre it is the best in biryani. I don't like student biryani. and I also like biryani center taste.

  • Kainaat, Sudiya areb
  • Oct 19, 2015

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