5 Flu Treatment Tips | Zukam Se Bachao Ke Asan Tarike

Flu or Influenza is caused due to cold weather, fever or by drinking extremely cold water. KFoods.com brought easy flu treatment in Urdu which you can try at home yourself. These Urdu tips to control flu are really effective not only in adults but also in children. These tips require common household items and by using those things, you can easily treat flu in a natural way, without having to take antibiotic dosages.

Read these tips and get rid of influenza or zukam in easy way.

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By Aqib Shehzad  |   In Health and Fitness  |   1 Comments   |   23442 Views   |   18 Dec 2015
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I eat candies a lot, I want to ensure that it is not causing the flu.. I was having flu in the evening and in the day time same day , I was eating sour and salty candies. I suspect that being the cause of the flu.

  • Shahmir, Rawalpindi
  • Apr 07, 2017

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