10 Eid ul Adha Tips to Make Your Life Easy

1. Tenderize Meat Easily

Gosht Galane Ka Totka

One of the most encountered problems after Eid ul Adha is to tenderize the meat while cooking. But not to worry this time, here is an easy tip for you.
Gosht Ko Galane Ka Asan Tarika.

2. Get Rid of Meat Odor

Gosht Ki Boo Khatam Karna

Had You felt nauseated while eating freshly cut meat?
This happens due to odor of the meat. You can prevent this by acting upon the tip given by KFoods.com.
See how to remove meat odor

3. How to Clean Trotters?

Paye Saaf Karne Ka Tarika in Urdu

Women face this! every year!
Read this easy method to clean cow or goat trotters before cooking.
See how to clean trotters before cooking

4. Cook Meat Fast and Easily

Gosht Pakane Ka Tarika

See how to cook meat in a faster and easier way.
Tip for cooking meat fast

5. Remove Smell of Kaleji

Kaleji Ki Boo Khatam Karna

I personally liked this tip because this was a problem of mine too.
If you or anyone in your home doesn't eat kaleji due to its smell, get an easy tip to remove its smell and make everyone eating liver happily.See how to remove liver smell

6. How to Keep Meat Fresh

Gosht Ko Taza Rakhne Ka Tarika

Meat gets stale? You know eating stale meat can be seriously hazardous to health!
Take care of yourself and your family.
See how to keep meat fresh

7. How to Remove Burnt Smell from Curry

Salan Se Jalne Ki Boo Khatam Karne Ka Tarika

What to do when curry smells like burnt?
Here is the tip!
Tip for removing burning smell from curry

8. How to Protect Meat from Flies

Makhiyon Ko Gosht Se Door Rakhen

Are there many houseflies in your home? Then you must keep foods safe from flies.Find the tip to keep flies away from meat

9. Make Shami Kababs Softer

Shami Kabab Ko Narm Banana

After Eid ul Adha, making shami kababs is a must in every home. Some women seem complaining that their shami kebabs are not soft enough.
For those, KFoods.com is telling a simple and easy tip.
Figure out how to make shami kabab soft

10. Make Liver Soft and Odorless

Kaleji Ko Narm or Khushbudar Banana

A wonderful tip to make liver soft and aromatic by Chef Asad.See how to make kaleji soft and aromatic

Find the top 10 Eid ul Adha tips for kitchen, qurbani meat, cooking, kaleji and paye. These tips are very useful for women and will make their lives easy.

There are tons of works to do after Bakra Eid especially women remain very busy in cleaning the meat, removing fats, making kababs and cooking dishes with qurbani meat. Most of the times, they meet problems in handling all this. For example many girls do not know how to clean trotters efficiently, how to remove smell from kaleji, how to soften kaleji while cooking or tenderize meat perfectly.

Isn't it!

KFoods.com is sharing top 10 exclusive tips for Eid ul Adha with very useful solutions for household women including a special tip to remove kaleji smell by Chef Asad Latif.

Find the top 10 Eid ul Azha tips below.

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