5 Delicious (& Healthy) Low Calorie Snacks

Snack 1 | Olives

Eat couple of olives in the mid-morning or at mid-afternoon. 20 olives contain approx 68 calories and you are not even going to eat 20 at a time. Olives are full of vitamin E, iron, copper and fiber. It saves from many diseases. Olives might be one of the best low calorie snacks to eat.

Snack 2 | An Apple

Apple is another natural snack with very low amount of calories. It is easy to take with you to your workplace. Eat it during your busy day. One apple hardly contains 80 calories or less. It contains soluble fiber, vitamin C, iron, calcium and potassium. It will satisfy your desire for a sweet snack with giving you lots of energy and healthy nutrients.

Snack 3 | Almonds

Almonds are also very healthy to eat. Have a handful of almonds everyday as snacks and enrich yourself with proteins, fiber, manganese, copper and phosphorus, without intake of 100 plus calories. One dozen almonds roughly contain 83 calories which is a suitable amount to take in the mid-morning. Chew almonds well before swallowing.

Snack 4 | Popcorns

Popcorns can also be enjoyed as a light calorie snack. One cup of popcorns contain 30 calories, with good amount of fiber, vitamins, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. It also helps lose weight. It improves digestion process and lowers cholesterol in the body.

Remember that you should always take air-popped plain popcorns. Do not go for buttered popcorns as they contain more calories and fats.

Snack 5 | Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are small size immature carrots. It can be used as a perfect snack between your meals. Baby carrots are sweeter than full size carrots. A medium size baby carrot has just 4 calories in it, so at one time, you can intake 10 to 15 baby-carrots. You can also add some condiments or seasoning for additional taste. They are full of vitamin A, B6, vitamin C, fiber, calcium and iron.

Weight-concerned people either do not take snacks or if they do, they try healthy snacks with lowest amount of calories. This is a healthy habit. It may help maintain and even lose one's weight. If you did not think about it before, you can benefit with this idea too. Take healthy low-calorie snacks once at the brunch time and once couple of hours later having the lunch. Doing this as habit will keep you from eating fully at meal time and gradually take you toward a better diet practice.

KFoods.com is telling about the 5 superb snacks that are healthy in nature with below 100 calories.

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there are more snacks that contain very low amount of calories and you can eat them after breakfast or after lunch as you wish. I like to take snacks at both times because I feel hunger and can't wait.

  • Aasia, Karachi
  • Jan 14, 2016

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