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Delicious Bakra Chanp Is Ready to Serve. Enjoy!

bakre ki chanp banane ki tarkeeb

Bakre ki chaap (mutton chops recipe) is a very delicious main course dish of Pakistan. It is a special food that is cooked post Eid ul Adha when cooking meat is at full boom.

Mutton chops dish is cooked particularly using the ribs of the goat. That part consists of thin meat layer hung between the bones and when it is cooked with Pakistani spices, it has no match in the world. is telling step by step recipe for preparing a delicious bakre ki chanp recipe in Urdu. It's the easiest recipe you would find anywhere. Let's start.

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bakre ki caap a delicious recipe thanks kfoods will make it on this eid with your recipe thanks again for good work.

Jul 24, 2019 RAJA ulfat Sahiwal

Bakre Ki Chaap Recipe is yummy and most mouthwatering favorite dish for many people but it's looking much delicious and good taste and I also love this taste.Bakre Ki Chaap Recipe makes with the lots of its taste It is also a very healthy dish and spicey was also love to like it.

Nov 14, 2018 Madiha larkana

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