7 Easy Tips to Keep Fridge Clean and Organized

KFoods.com would tell you today some awesome tips to keep your fridge clean and organized. Learn these ideal tips to maintain fridge and keep it clean, shining and well-organized.

Coming back to home while tired of roaming in the market, you would never like to arrange everything in your refrigerator to adjust the new goods you just bought. Your shopping bag may contain fruits, vegetables, cheese, butter and may be a quickly melting ice cream as well. Would it be ever ideal to find a space in your freezer or fridge, pulling out the already crammed goods and then setting them again to get additional space every time you return from grocery shopping. I never waste my time and energy again and again in dragging the frozen meat out of my freezer or gazing at the fridge shelves to spot a space. You can be like me too! Here is how to keep fridge clean and organized and save your time and energy you might be wasting every time you shopped.

TIP NO. 1 - Store Condiments in Clear Containers

There are condiments like chutney, ketchup or sauces that you may not need very often. Storing these condiments in clear containers would make it easy for you to pick exactly what you need without creating a mess. Often, when there is a limited space and everything is not sighted openly like in fridge shelves, you can store them in clear bottles. There are many foods on a single shelf, so it is always better to store your condiments in a clear container. It will be easy to retrieve, manageable and helpful to keep the fridge clean.

TIP NO. 2 - Store Eggs in a Wire Basket

You can store additional eggs in your refrigerator with a little trick. Remove the standard egg shelf that comes with refrigerators and buy a simple wire basket which would hardly cost you around $1 (Rs. 100 to 150) and place it at the place of egg shelf that you removed. Make sure it fits perfectly in the shelf. As you can see in the picture, there is a larger number of eggs stored as compared to the standard egg storage shelf.

TIP NO. 3 - Make Easy to Clean Fridge Mats

Fridge shelves are always hard to clean. Sometimes, while drawing bowl of milk, you might spill some drops of milk or while placing a jug full of juice, some drops may fall on the shelves. In any case, it would be hard for you to clean the mesh of the shelf. Here is trick which requires very little time and effort. Buy a simple plastic mat (clear or printed whatever you like), cut them to the shelf size and affix it to each shelf side by side. And whenever later, you need to clean your fridge, you could clean the whole shelf easily just with a single go.

TIP NO. 4 - Stop Rolling Bottles

If bottles move here and there inside the fridge, you can use a cork in the neck of bottles. Store cold drinks and other juice bottles in refrigerator with a cork which will add an anchor to hold hold the bottle at one place. This little tip would be very useful especially if you have to store large amount of bottles in your fridge.

TIP NO. 5 - What You Have and What You Need

Just improve your food stock maintenance by writing it on the fridge door. Using a temporary marker, you can make notes of what you have and what is needed. Usually, household women in Pakistan keep track of the stock required by noting it in a diary or a small slip of paper. Why not do it smartly by immediately noting it on the fridge door and making this info handy to reach by just glancing at your fridge. You can make it even organized by writing the required goods exactly where its corresponding shelf exists.

TIP NO. 6 - Do Not Store Milk in Refrigerator Door

Fridge door is the area which gets the lowest amount of cooling of the refrigerator. It is best to store milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products in the upper shelves of the fridge as that part receives the maximum amount of cooling with a constant temperature. Storing dairy products in upper fridge shelves would make them more usable with a longer consumption life.

TIP NO. 7 - Use Baking Soda to Remove Odor and Clean the Interior

Besides a food ingredient, baking soda is also very good interior cleaner product. You can make its use for cleaning your refrigerator interior, it will work like a smart boy. Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 4 cups of hot water. Wipe the areas you want to clean with this mixture with the help of a cloth and then dry it with a towel. It will clean shelves and walls of refrigerator and will also help to remove odor. Here it is also notable that do not use soaps or detergents for refrigerator cleaning as it will leave a scent in the fridge that will be absorbed by the food inside.


Find here practical tips to keep fridge clean and organized and to make it work better for you. Refrigerator is used in every home as it is a basic appliance used to store foods in a cold temperature however getting optimal performance from your fridge is like an art. People sometimes are tired of looking for a place to store new food inside and when they need to take an already stored food out. KFoods.com puts 7 brilliant fridge tips and tricks down here for you. Implementing these tips while using your refrigerator would increase its performance, give you more space as well as make it easy for you to store and retrieve foods ahead.

Let's learn how to keep fridge clean and organized.

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7 Easy Tips To Keep Fridge Clean And Organized

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7 Easy Tips to Keep Fridge Clean and Organized

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