5 Scrumptious Croquettes Recipes

1. Simple Croquettes

This is the simplest recipe of croquette. Prepare a handsome evening snack and enjoy with your family.
Step by step recipe for simple croquettes

2. Chicken Cheese Croquettes

Chicken and cheese gathered up in this croquette. Dip in tomato ketchup and have fun of its amazing taste.
See how to make chicken cheese croquettes

3. Mayo Potato Croquettes

Mayo potato croquettes are really awesome. Prepare this croquettes and enjoy the additional taste of mayo..
Easy recipe for mayo potato croquettes

4. Coxinha (Brazilian Croquette)

Coxinha, a taste from Brazilian cuisine. You would love it's uniqueness.
Coxinha croquettes recipe

5. Rice Croquettes

Rice croquettes is another option for you. If you have tried all, it's time to pick up some rice and enjoy hot and spicy rice croquettes.
Step by step recipe for rice croquettes

Try the most scrumptious croquettes recipes of all time. KFoods.com shares recipes for 5 delicious croquettes which are:

  • simple croquettes
  • chicken cheese croquettes
  • may potato croquettes
  • coxinha croquettes
  • rice croquettes

Croquettes are not very common to make in everyone's home and so many household women are not aware about making croquettes at home.

KFoods.com solves this problem.

So if you even read first about croquettes, no need to worry, follow the step by step recipe of your favourite croquettes and within your first attempt, you would have a very yummy set of croquettes ready to enjoy with your family.
Find the top 5 croquettes recipes below.

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