7 Boneless Chicken Recipes You Must Know About

Pakistani Boneless Chicken Recipes

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Interested in top boneless chicken recipes? Here are the top 7 by KFoods.com. You would already used boneless chicken in nuggets or macaroni etc. but there are more options as well. KFoods here presents some of the best boneless chicken recipes in Urdu that were never in your ideas, surely. These recipes are easy to make and guided with pictures with instructions. Let's figure them out.

Recipe No. 1

Crispy Chicken Strips

boneless chicken strips recipe

Chicken strips are thin long, breadcrumbed pieces of chicken. They are preferred for eating in mild hunger, usually in the evening. Chicken strips recipe did not have a common following in Pakistan. It was mostly available in fast food restaurants or as a frozen food product. KFoods.com offers its recipe with step by step instructions in Urdu. So, now there will no reasons for not making these chicken crispy strips.

How to make crispy chicken strips recipe in Urdu

Recipe No. 2

Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

boneless chicken jalfrezi recipe

Chicken jalfrezi is another wonderful recipe with boneless chicken. It is basically an Indian recipe in which marinated chicken is fried in oil with several special spices. The outcome is a thick sauce like curry which will take you a different world of tastes. Main ingredients of jalfrezi include chicken, vegetables, green chillis and cream.

How to make chicken jalfrezi recipe in Urdu

Recipe No. 3

Tawa Chicken

boneless tawa chicken recipe

Tawa chicken recipe is an excellent amalgamation of boneless chicken with chillis and spices. The recipe afterall comes with a dream taste. I suggest, if you are considering one of these recipes for meal, tawa chicken is the best one. Mark the words, when you would be enjoying it with a hot tandoori naan, you would remember and appreciate my suggestion.

How to make tawa chicken recipe in Urdu

Recipe No. 4

Chicken Nuggets

boneless chicken nuggets recipe

Making nuggets with boneless chicken is a good option. Prepare homemade chicken nuggets and store them for future use as well. Especially, it serves as a kids-appealing food which all children may eat without getting you fretted. Nuggets also work as a guest serving dish. Have it with raita, ketchup or chutney. Once you made and stored nuggets, its preparation is very easy. Just need deep frying for couple of minutes.

How to make chicken nuggets recipe in Urdu

Recipe No. 5

Zinger Burger

boneless chicken zinger burger recipe

Zinger burger is an all time favorite food. Nowadays, when we feel hunger and to get something from outside, zinger is one of top choices we consider. Rather than ordering tikkas, botis and rolls, people today are more inclined toward zinger burgers. You would be amazed to see a really simple and easy recipe for using your boneless chicken for zinger burger preparation.

Get the step by step zinger recipe in Urdu:

How to make zinger burger recipe in Urdu

Recipe No. 6

Chicken Handi

boneless chicken handi recipe

Chicken handi got popular in last few years. It is cooked in a handi pot with the specified recipe spices. Cooking boneless chicken handi will give you an unforgettable experience and this is true as I experienced it myself. I do not forget the taste of chicken handi I ate somewhere. Due to its cooking in a handi and cooking with cream, fenugreek and roasted white cumin seeds, it's taste becomes awesome.

Get the chicken handi recipe:

Chicken Handi Recipe in Urdu

Recipe No. 7

Chicken Sticks

boneless chicken sticks recipe

Chicken sticks is one of the best boneless chicken recipes. In this recipe, crispy and spicy chicken is threaded on wooden sticks and then deep fried. Frying chicken on sticks will be a newer experience for you with a different set of taste. Like the practice we adopt while making barbecue on skewers, this recipe involves threading chicken on wooden sticks, however cooking method is frying instead of baking with smoke.

Get an easy step by step recipe for chicken sticks in Urdu:

How to make chicken sticks recipe in Urdu

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