Keri Ka Sharbat Recipe

Kachi Keri Ka Sharbat Recipe in Urdu

You would have tasted big number of sharbat and fruit juices but few of you may know that there is a very tasty fruit sharbat which is not so common and also not everyone has tasted this drink. It is the Keri Sharbat (Raw Mango Sharbat). Most of the people wait for ripe mangoes to come into markets and then they may eat it, use it in different recipes and make its juices.

Keri Ka Sharbat is a wonderful drink with a wonderful taste; it is also used to keep stomach cool, saving from the hot effects of the summer. Keri (raw green mango) is available to us before the actual mangoe season comes. It is of low cost too and so you have an easily available fruit to use as drinks. offers Keri ka Sharbat recipe with step by step picture instructions. With this clear and easy recipe, you can quickly make raw mango sharbat today.

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  • Sameena Abbas.. - Samundri. Jan 11, 2019

    This recipe is very useful for health. It means old is gold.

  • Hiba - karachi Nov 16, 2018

    Keri Ka Sharbat Recipe this drink helps digestion and cools the body.It also help detoxify body and increases the production of bile juice qualities we look for in the best ramadan drink that It is really so great and good taste we easily make it.

  • sharmeen - thatta Sep 17, 2018

    I love this recipe. always make Keri ka sharbat from this recipe as it protects from intense heat and dehydration. It also cures the stomach problems. I love to have it whenever I get home from work. It's awesome.

  • maryam - lahore Jun 22, 2017

    I can't cook anything but just becoz of ur page I can cook anything... GOD bless you ameen

  • Saba khan - Lahore May 24, 2017

    Asalam o alikum mana apki har respic tary ke ma sha ALLAH SAY bubat mazdar hote ha raab apko khush rakha mj ko cooking nahi ati the yaha sa dekh dekh k mana sab sekha mera ghr wala bubat khush ha k ma buhat maza k khana banti hun raab apko sehat da our achi achi cooking baty

  • kHALID - KASUR Apr 26, 2017


  • Shahid - Sialkot Apr 25, 2017

    We must buy keri or raw mango in early mango season because it can be used to make many delicious things such as raw mango sharbat (it is very good for body heat), plus we can make its achar and also make murabba.

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