Kale Vegetable Benefits in Urdu

Nutritional Benefits of Eating Kale Veg

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Kale vegetable is full of health and nutritional benefits. This special vegetable is not available at common vegetable shops. You had never seen kale placed on the cart of a vegetable seller on the streets. If you really want to avail the kale nutritional benefits, visit some big supermarkets of your city. Usually, broccoli and kale are not easily available and people do not know about the broccoli and kale veg benefits. Many people even do not consider it as a Pakistani vegetable.

Eating raw kale has more nutritional benefits than a cooked kale. It provides vigor, energy and different other health benefits. Read more advantages of Kale vegetable in Urdu below.

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  • Inayat khan - Karachi Dec 21, 2018

    In which country kale belong

  • Hareem - lahore Jul 02, 2018

    Kale Vegetable Benefits are very amazing! I couldn’t even believe just how many benefits it has and I will now go today and add this to the salad bowl.

  • hammad - uae Nov 24, 2016

    Wats call name in urdu Kale

  • Maryum - Mamunkanjan Oct 14, 2016

    Please is Kay or benefits k baary ma batain especially if H.B level is 5.8

  • Usman - Lahore Jul 24, 2016

    Bhai.. ye sabzi Pakistan ma kahan se mily gi???

  • Nargis - uk Oct 01, 2015

    Very very very very really all very nice.thanks so much

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