Imli Benefits in Urdu

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Imli (Tamarind) is a famous food item in Pakistan and India. Chaat, samosa, roll or be it the table of Ramadan Iftar, imli is there to be added to foods. People use it for taste but today we will discuss the hidden benefits of health inside tamarind.

Imli efficacy is cool and it protects from summer heat and sun stroke that's why it is used in drinks and sharbats in hot areas of Pakistan. It contains proteins, minerals, fat and carbohydrates. It also contains phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamins.

Read more about the health advantages of eating tamarind in Urdu in this article penned by Chef Asad Latif.

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By Chef Asad Latif In Health and Fitness 0 Comments 21008 Views 25 May 2016

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