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1. Chicken Shawarma by Chef Zakir

chicken shawarma recipe by chef zakir

Chicken shawarma is a dish that every one wants to eat but few people know the recipe. So who wouldn't like to make it when best Pakistani chef Zakir Qureshi has shared the recipe. Enjoy homemade chicken shawarma.
Here is chicken shawarma recipe by Chef Zakir

2. Mash Ki Daal Recipe

mash daal recipe by chef zakir

Mash daal is one of the most popular savory foods of Pakistan. Here is a special way to make maash ki daal by chef Zakir Qureshi. Do not miss it.
Special mash ki daal recipe by chef Zakir.

3. Seekh Kabab Recipe by Zakir Qureshi

seekh kabab recipe by chef zakir

Seekh kabab is the famous recipe from Zakir. Now make seekh kababs easily with Chef Zakir's special recipe and enjoy homemade beef seekh kababs with your family.
Chef Zakir's Seekh Kabab Recipe .

4. Chef Zakir Chicken Karahi

chicken karahi by chef zakir

Chicken karahi is the most famous desi dish in Pakistani cuisine. Whether it is Eid day or Ramadan or any other special occasion, we like to have karahi with friends and family. 4th in the top 5 chef Zakir recipes is chicken karahi. Find it's recipe below and have it this weekend.
Chicken karahi by chef Zakir .

5. Shahi Biryani Recipe by Chef Zakir

shahi chicken biryani recipe by chef zakir

Shahi biryani by Chef Zakir comes with an unforgettable taste. Biryani is something everyone likes to eat and when the recipe is from Zakir Qureshi, yes we want nothing else but shahi biryani.
here is the recipe.

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