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Mango Health Benefits in Urdu

Know mango health benefits in Urdu. In this post, KFoods.com summarizes some of the health advantages mangoes bring to you. Mango is a summer season fruit which start coming in the month of May and available till the month of July. Most of the people eat it for it's taste however few people know it has lots of benefits for health as well.

Mango saves from many dangerous diseases including mental weakness, dysentery, gives strength to lungs and teeth and more. Read and know how healthy is mango to us.

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By Aqib In Health and Fitness 3 Comments 23870 Views 02 Aug 2015

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  • Kashif - Oct 05, 2016

    Mango season has gone. I ate mangoes wholeheartedly this season.

  • Hina - Karachi Aug 03, 2015

    mango king of fruits..

  • Uzma Ammara - Karachi Aug 03, 2015

    aam mujhe waise hi boht pasand hain. i like mangoes. or itne saare benefits ka bilkul bhi idea nahi tha

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