5 Foods You Should Never Eat

1. Deep Fried Foods

never eat deep fry foods

We keep eating deep fried foods such as samosa, French fries, fried nuggets etc. etc. We like them because they are very tasty but aside they are very harmful to health as well.

Deep frying process requires big amount of oil and as food is fully soaked in, it becomes extra ordinary fatty. Eating such foods can boost cholesterol level in the body. It can cause different heart problems too.

Oil used to deep fry in markets is even unhealthier as it becomes more polluted and stale due to repetitive use.

2. Canned Foods

never eat canned foods

Canned foods processing lines contain an unhealthy compound named Bisphenol A. It is mixed with the food stored in the can and when eaten, it enters the body. It is known for causing myriad problems. Bisphenol A (BPA) is known to cause obesity, cancer and early puberty problems.

3. Instant Noodles

do not eat instant noodles

Instant noodles are made using artificial preservatives, flavors and colors. These artificial things hardly have any nutrition but are loaded with calories, sodium and other harmful elements. Eating these things means eating diseases. Those who eat noodles regularly are vulnerable for stroke, diabetes and severe kinds of heart diseases.

So it's better not to eat quick noodles and also change habit of your kids, if they do eat it.

4. Soft Drinks or Soda Water

soft drinks risks

Drinking soda or soft drinks on regular basis is very dangerous for our health. One bottle contains approx. 44 gram sugar and its use continues to increase sugar in blood and also leading to different diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

5. Margarine

margarine is harmful to health

Margarine is laden with trans fats (TFAs) which cause clogged arteries and restrict the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart. It also causes heart attacks.

According to a study published in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry in 2011, mice given high amount of trans-fat for 6 months were found to have plaque built in arteries.

Do not eat every food. Yes, there are many foods you must avoid eating, and which are those, would be described in this article. Generally, there are lots of things that are harmful to health. These foods make the way for different kinds of diseases. Some of them increase cholesterol, increase fats in body, increase the risk of heart disease and so on. And people unknowingly, eat these foods, not just once but regularly.

Here are the 5 worst foods to eat described with details how they make harms to your health.

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